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Keeping the Weight Off

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, up one pound over the weekend.

Somehow I was able to keep the weight off (or at least only gain 1 pound), despite pigging out over Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday the wife and I went to an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant, and stuffed down as much sashimi and sushi as I could. It wasn't just all fish however, I had some marinated mushrooms, eggplant, teriyaki beef.

Sunday, I started out with two donuts, and then had a full rack of baby back ribs, with macaroni cheese, and beans, and three beers. Later that evening, I downed a pint of ice cream.

I think what helped keep the weight off was exercise. On Friday, I did a 3.7 mile walk with the dogs (I mapped it out on Google). Also on Sunday, I went motorcycle riding with some friends, doing a charity ride to a children's hospital. Most of that time was spent standing and walking through the hospital. I think I burned some energy just doing that.

Finally, I'm starting to wonder about the volume of liquid in my body. On days where I exercise more, I tend to drink more fluids, all the way up until I go to bed. So, I'm wondering if by morning's weigh-in, that saturation is adding an extra pound or two. Whereas on days I do not exercise, or go outside, I tend to drink less, and that leaves me partially dehydrated, making it appear as if I've lost more weight.


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