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Down into the 170s

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds, down a pound from yesterday.

Limited my consumption to just 6.0 ounces of jerky yesterday, but I didn't necessarily spread it out throughout the day as well as I did the day before. Also, no exercise.

Today, I have four packages of jerky to eat, each of them listed at 1 ounces. So, I'm going to see how well I can spread this around throughout the day, and try to get some walking in as well.

Also, I started wearing my size 34 denim shorts again this morning. They fit a lot better now. When my weight creeped up into the 183-187 range, I stopped wearing them.

Yesterday I wrote about the beef sticks that I still have laying around. Since I'm only eating about 4 ounces of jerky today, I may break open a package of sticks.

Last night was tough. I was watching some television before retiring to bed, and had the channel tuned into ESPN. Seems all the commercials were for food. One was a Carls Jr. breakfast burrito. Another was a hamburger for Ruby Tuesday. Another was a Chunky Soup. Another was a local indian casino and their buffet. I think I'm going to pig out this weekend.


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