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Diet Log - November 1, 2008

I would normally tell you at the first of the month how much weight I loss for the previous month, but I don't have access to a scale while I'm up here in Washington State, at least not one where I can get naked.

My guess is that I haven't lost much weight in the past five days since I've been up here.

But I'm doing better the past couple of days in controlling my urges to eat. I've managed to stick to a bag of jerky each of the two days all day long as I worked on my rental property. Though, in evenings my folks tend to spoil me with food galore.

Right now, I just finished up another day of cleaning and painting and my feet are tired.

A fresh coat of paint will make any house look ten times better. I did a lot of cleaning too, the floors, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the refrigerator. Installed new locks, put in new carpet. My previous renters had been in there for 22 years; there was a lot of "muck" to clean up. I hope I don't have to repeat this everytime renters move out, at least not to this degree.

Tonight, we're supposed to head out to this mexican joint in town for drinks and appetizers. I'm really hungry.


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