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SlimBeans - Drink Coffee & Lose Weight?

slimbeans weight loss coffeeThe manufacturer of "SlimBeans" contacted me yesterday about their product. They say its coffee beans that contains some herbs that help you lose weight.

Here's what their website says...

SlimBeans' proprietary blend of all-natural, herbal ingredients helps promote healthy weight loss and optimal body composition. It assists in suppressing appetite, supports healthy blood sugar levels, boosts metabolism, and increases energy and focus.

Whether you enjoy it before work to keep your metabolism revved all day and your mind sharp, before a workout for a fat-burning boost, or just because it's great tasting coffee with added health benefits, you can be sure that SlimBeans is a positive addition to your healthy lifestyle and weight loss efforts.

It's not beef jerky, I know. But since you're probably also here to learn about weight loss, and you could very well be a coffee drinker, I thought I'd pass the message along.


October 27, 2008 at 1:46 AM Anonymous said...

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