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Diet Log - October 28, 2008

I don't have a weigh-in to report because I don't have a scale with me.

I left home Monday afternoon from my home in Menifee, and drove up to Renton, WA to do some work on my rental property. My dad is normally my property manager up here, but he's undergoing cancer treatment.

I pretty much drove straight through, stopping only for gasoline. I ended up having to pull into a few rest stops to get some 30 minute naps. I found it difficult to keep my eyes open.

Before I got on the road, I stopped at a Big Lots store in Lake Elsinore, and bought a couple bags of jerky. One was an Oh Boy! Oberto turkey teriyaki, and the other was a NASCAR branded beef jerky. The Oberto turkey was not bad, but still rather mediocre. What I liked about it was that it was full of flavor, free of sodium nitrite, and sold for only $3.50 for a 4 ounce bag. That really made it great buy, and could easily become my jerky staple for dieting.

That NASCAR branded jerky another offering from Monogram Meat Snacks, which also makes the Jeff Foxworthy Jerky and the Winchester Jerky. It's also the same exact jerky as those other two brands. It's got a strong natural meat flavor, but is rather salty, and not necessarily good tasting, though not necessarily bad.

About halfway through the trip, I bought a bag of Jack Link's Sweet & Spicy Thai. It had a good taste, but not very sweet. It's only somewhat spicy, and did have a taste that you might find in a Thai restaurant. But it has ZERO natural meat flavors.

I also picked up a bag of Riley's Jerky at a gas station in Yreka, CA. This one was flavored as Jalapeno. It had a decent jalapeno taste, but not hot at all. It was tough to tear apart and chew, and very hard. It was also rather salty. But it still had a great taste, though somewhat light on the natural meat flavors. Of all the jerky I had on the drive up, I enjoyed Riley's the most. I'm going to pick up more bags on the way back and do a detailed review.


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