Diet Log - October 24, 2008 | Beef Jerky Diet Blog

Diet Log - October 24, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 182 pounds. No change from last report.

Went riding yesterday with some friends. At lunch at Ramona Cafe, a little place in Ramona, CA that's apparently known for large portions of food. Had the Spanish Omelette, which came with potatoes and tortillas. I very stuffed. That was all I ate that day, excluding the two beers after the ride.

Got some bad news this morning. The rental property I'm trying to sell ain't gonna sell. The buyers backed out after the appraiser decided it needed a new roof, and the lender backed out also because there's a shack in the backyard that's so rickety that they see it as a liability. And since I don't have the money for the fixes, I gotta figure out how to increase my business income, and what to do with that thing.

I probably have to cut back on riding and dining out some more.

My rental property is near Seattle, WA. I'll likely have to travel up there soon. Probably tear down that shack in the backyard, and do some cleaning up in the house, and look for new renters. Then somehow, come up with the money for a new roof.


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