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Diet Log - October 21, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 183 pounds.

The past week was another roller coaster. From my last diet log of 180 pounds, I shot up to as high as 185 pounds. It's SO easy to pack on the pounds.

That Wednesday after the last diet log, I tried to stay on the beef jerky diet, but found myself feeling kinda "jittery", and the thought of Mexican food kept creeping into my mind. If you recall, the wife kept temping me that morning with having lunch at Rodrigo's in Temecula. I finally gave in to the temptation that evening.

The rest of the week was spent either binging on food, or trying to stay true to the beef jerky diet, but giving into the temptation. Honestly, topping out at 185 pounds isn't that bad considering how much I ate.

But yesterday, I was able to keep with the beef jerky diet, and even did some work by mowing the lawn, and pulling weeds. The old habits of wanting to eat whenever I get bored were creeping into my mind, but I was able to shake it off.

Despite all the progress I've made in losing some 40 pounds since the beginning of this year, I still have those demons tempting me to binge. It really isn't about what you eat that helps you lose weight, it's about controlling the desire to eat, exercise. A whole new lifestyle change.

But it's hard to change your lifestyle after you've built up so much around it. My wife, for example, isn't necessarily dieting. She's actually kinda flustered over the fact that we're not going out to eat as often. My wanting to diet isn't making her much happy.

I've tried to accomplish something of a lifestyle change by launching my beef jerky review blog. I made the promise to write detailed reviews and offers links to any company that sent me free samples for review. That forces me to keep up on my end of the deal, and as long as I have jerky in my belly, I'm not eating a greasy bacon-cheese burger.

The beef jerky is more like a tool that keeps your belly satisfied while reduces your fat and carbohydrate intake to a minimum. It also tastes good and pleases your carnal desires to eat meat. Meanwhile, you have to do your diligence in exercising and creating new daily routines to replace the old ones.


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