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Bloody Mary Beef Jerky?

I like to review the keywords report on my traffic stats, just to see what people are typing into Google that got them to this blog.
bloody mary beef jerky
I don't have an article for this search phrase, so someone must have done some serious searching to find it.

BTW, there's actually "bloody mary beef jerky" being sold on

A further search of Google shows that beef jerky and bloody marys are two foods that do get paired up from time to time.

That actually sounds like a good mixture. First, I do love bloody marys. Second, I love beef jerky. Third, I love spicy beef jerky. Fourth, I love spicy tomato juice. If someone can sell Jim Beam Beef Jerky, then they can sell this too.

You know, there isn't a beef jerky company out there that produces tons of limited edition flavors. For example, Jones Soda Co. always produces limited runs of really weird soda, like "Turkey & Gravy" or "Candy Corn". Jelly Belly is also known for off-the-wall jelly bean flavors. But there's no one doing this with beef jerky.

Jack Link's might be the closest, only that they have so many flavors out. I do like their co-branded stuff like A1 Steak Sauce, Louisiana Red Hot, and KC Masterpiece. But why not just get crazy, like "pickle juice", "new england clam chowder", or "mint chocolate"?

And where the heck is "wasabi beef jerky"? Seems like that should have been a no-brainer.


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