Quote of the Week

"I always held up Pemican as the benchmark for what a quality Beef Jerky should not only taste like, but also the mouth feel, and the lack of sinew."
This was posted this evening as a comment on my old review of World Kitchens Beef Jerky.

Hopefully my beef jerky review blog will help introduce folks like him to a whole new world of beef jerky.

Eat Like an Alpha

Oh Boy! Oberto has a new advertising campaign that beckons consumers not to be a sidekick, and instead "eat like an alpha".

Adweek shares the videos...


The people eating the jerky in these videos certainly do not come off looking like alpha males. They seem more geekish or nerdy. I think if eating jerky makes you into a leader type of person, they ought to use actors who are more convincingly.

I mean, if these are the kind of guys who eat Oberto, then maybe I ought to stop eating Oberto?

But hey, good for Oberto in getting some more airtime for the jerky industry. Now, if only these commercials actually do get airtime.

Diet Log - September 25, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 184 pounds.

The past couple of weeks have been up and down, ranging from 182 to 188. Attended some parties, motorcycle riding with my friends, and just giving in to the temptation to eat more food. Also no exercise.

Basically, I'm straying off course.

I'm probably a victim of my own success. The beef jerky diet plan I created for myself proved that I can lose a good deal of weight, hence I feel like I can cheat and still be able to trim it off if I need to.

That's actually a good thing, but only when I obtain my 160 pound goal. Until then I need to keep myself on a downward trend.

As far as the beef jerky review blog is going, it's gaining traffic continuously. I've got public traffic stats available for viewing at Quantcast...


I'm thinking next year, I'd like to attend some trade shows where beef jerky manufacturers set up vendor booths, and get to meet these people in person. I'd love to spend some time after the show having a beer or a dinner with them, and learning more about the industry. I'm not sure which trade shows they attend, as there doesn't seem to be a "meat snack trade show".

As for today, it's supposed to be another beef jerky day, but it won't look like it. Red Robin, the burger chain, sent us an invitation for free food, good for four people. The invitation is to help them train their employees at their newest store here in my hometown of Menifee. So today, I'll be gorging away on burgers and fries.

Riding Motorcycles and Weight Loss

Yesterday, I rode motorcycles with some friends. I've been riding for years now,

One thing I might add is that riding motorcycles does indeed help you lose weight. I haven't totally understood this, but I've learned it after years of riding. Other riders I've talked to agreed, that yes they've either lost some weight, or they balance out after eating a lot of food.

When you go riding with friends, what happens is that you make a lot of stops at places like restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc. And in these places, the riders tend to find a place to rest, to stretch their legs, and soothe their aching butts. They either sit down in an eatery, or stand in a shady spot of a gas station. And then, they consume stuff while they chat away. They'll do this 2-3 times through the day. So all through the day, their bodies are metabolizing food.

But they never really eat too much at any given stop, mostly because riding with a stuffed belly is not a great idea. First, it's not a comfortable feeling, but mostly because a full belly will make you feel drowsy. Not a good thing on a motorcycle. Much of the stuff we eat on rides are either convenience foods, or the basic American fare, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and of course, beer.

And then there's the dry air. When you're moving on a motorcycle, you're totally exposed to the outside, particularly if you have a tendency to wear very little safety gear (like me). The heat, and the dry air, will suck the moisture out of your body. Where I live, the air is dry, and it gets pretty hot. You could lose a couple of pounds just from evaporation.

And then of course, after a day of riding, I arrive home feeling tired. I don't think it's a physical exhaustion, but perhaps a mental one. Riding motorcycles requires a lot of thinking, antiticpating, measuring. You have to be on your toes at all times, because you don't have the safety of steel surrounding you like car drivers do. I'm wondering if using your brain burns up calories. That might explain why so many people don't use theirs.

Diet Log - September 12, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 182 pounds, down another pound.

Non-jerky day yesterday.

Rode motorcycles with some friends up to Idyllwild, and I had a half-pound burger with cheese, bacon, and everything, including all the french fries. Then we rode to Palm Springs, and had margaritas and chips & salsa. Then we rode up into the mountains and stopped at a Dairy Queen in Anza, where I had a small Blizzard. Then finished the ride in Temecula, with a beer.

And yet, I still lost a pound from yesterday.

Sometimes, I can stick to the beef jerky diet, and only maintain my weight, other days I can eat like a pig and still lose a pound. I know they always say it's a matter of "calories in versus calories out", but in that case it would be great if I could get a report showing how many calories I burned in each hour of the day, so that I could figure out what I was doing to burn them off.

Diet Log - September 11, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 183 pounds, down another pound.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

I tried on a size "Large" t-shirt this morning, and it actually fit. I haven't worn that size since I was in college.

Today is my normal non-jerky day. Heading up to Idyllwild, CA with some friends on motorcycles for lunch. Man, I really want a thick greasy bacon-cheese burger. I want one SO bad.

I've been writing to more jerky manufacturers, asking for samples to review. Most of them don't respond back. I notice myself reviewing their websites very carefully to see if they actually make their own jerky, or have it outsourced. I don't mind reviewing private-labeled jerky; it's just that it's hard for me to write a review on a jerky that I've already reviewed a couple of times before.

I imagine as time goes, it's going to get harder to find unique jerky. I'm hoping by that time my beef jerky review blog will become more familiar to the jerky insiders that I'll get more responses from manufacturers. I ought to think about attending some trade shows, except I'm not sure what trade shows jerky makers go to.

Diet Log - September 10, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 184 pounds. Finally broke through the 185 pound barrier!

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

Pictured below are ants on my desk. They're actually crawling all over a Grant's Ant Stake, sucking up as much delicious poison as they can lap up...

grant's ant stakes
Because I write a beef jerky review blog, I'm always eating at my desk, and as such as I have bits of beef jerky all over. I've been able to keep them limited to just a few scout ants, but a couple of times I've walked into this office to find a full blown ant trail leading to an empty juice bottle in the trash can.

The ants are mostly here because it's pretty hot and dry out here in the Inland Empire of Southern California, and they're on a quest to find water in my house.

So these Grant's Ant Stakes are awesome!

I laid one on my desk, and within 60 minutes I had a full blown ant trail leading up to it. They supposedly take the bait back to their nest, and share it with the queen. The very next day, that trail was gone, limited to just a few stragglers.

The day after that, I saw a smaller trail of ants leading to the stake. But now today, they're absolutely gone.

So there you go, get yourself some Grant's Ant Stakes.

Diet Log - September 9, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds, still no change.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

Had an interesting comment posted on my Junk Food Blog, regarding World Kitchens Beef Jerky...
I have been enjoying beef jerky for many years. I have tried all of the brands sold in the New York City-Tri-state area. I tried a pound pack of World Kitchen's teriyaki flavored jerky because it was being solf at the cheapest price I have ever seem for beef jerky. It was not too salty and very fresh and moist. Ir was so good, that I stocked up by purchasing 25 pounds of it!
I can't imagine anyone buying up 25 pounds of one brand of jerky. I mean, I like jerky, but I also like variety.

I really need to do a re-review of World Kitchens Beef Jerky. The one I wrote on Junk Food Blog was one of the first beef jerky reviews I wrote, and I didn't use the format that I've developed now. I gave it a poor rating. Because it seems to be a popular brand, I want to provide more complete analysis.

Diet Log - September 7, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds.

Still sitting at the same weight. Lack of exercise. But, any weight gains I've experienced I've been able to offset with beef jerky diet. Just goes to show how important exercise is if you want to lose weight.

Going to spend the day today with the wife, and do something. Will certainly eating, since that's what we usually do. But am thinking of maybe going to the San Diego Zoo, or Wild Animal Park. I'll get some walking in there.

Meanwhile, traffic is on the rise at my beef jerky review blog...

You can check the stats here...


In five months, I took it from zero visitors per month, to 2,000 visitors per month. I did that without spending any money buying traffic, or buying advertising. The bulk of this traffic comes from Google.

I notice that it's also now showing up within the first 100 listings on Google for "beef jerky". That's a tough search term to get ranked highly on. Google has it showing anywhere between 97 and 100. That's still largely insignificant. But considering my site didn't even show up in the first 300 listings, it's worth noting.

Spicy Beef Jerky Helps Burn Fat

Spicy Beef Jerky Lisa Lillien, who blogs Hungry Girl, writes about her nine fat burning food tips, and among them are two that might interest beef jerky eaters...
To put it simply, protein takes a lot of effort for the body to break down and digest. A lot more than, say, fat. So while your body is working hard to process that protein, you're burning calories.

You know how when you eat spicy foods, you sometimes start to sweat a little (ew)? That's because it's given a little kick to your heart rate. These little kicks will result in a temporary increase in your metabolism, which will help you burn fat a little easier for a bit.
While she mentions lean protein, she never mentioned beef jerky, which is extremely lean. She actually recommended fish for its omega-3 fatty acids. But then again, not many people are willing advocate beef as a health food.

Diet Log - September 1, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds.

I finished the month of August with a net loss of 3 pounds. In a way, I'm still losing weight on this diet regimen, but on the other hand, I missed my goal of losing 7 pounds for the month.

What's to blame is that I really backed off from exercising. I need to get back into doing walks, I'm just getting lazy about it.

Interestingly, I lost four pounds just yesterday alone. I can't figure out how I did it. I talked about this specifically on my motorcycle philosophy blog in an article this morning entitled, "Lose Weight Riding Motorcycles".

I noted that riding motorcycles burns calories, but I doubt it burns all that much. However, after riding all day long certainly will tire you out, but I think it's more of a mental exhaustion. Riding a motorcycle requires you to pay much more attention than driving a car.

I think what really happened is that on Saturday (the day before the ride), I had loaded up on a lot of fluids, mostly diet sodas, V8, and iced teas. So that when I woke up Sunday morning, I was 189 pounds. Being outside in the sun all that afternoon sucked all the moisture out of me. By the time I weighed in this morning, I was back to 185.

Though tomorrow morning, I could very well weigh in heavier because today the wife and I went out for lunch at a seafood buffet, and I had to get the most bang for my buck by loading up all the sushi I could find.