Diet Log - August 27, 2008 | Beef Jerky Diet Blog

Diet Log - August 27, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 186, no change from yesterday.

Started out on the beef jerky diet, but ended up having a seafood salad for dinner. What happened is that I had a meeting to attend, and everyone else having food, and man it looked so good.

On some better news, my beef jerky review blog finally reached #1 and #2 respectively on Google for the following key phrases...

beef jerky reviews
best beef jerky

Your results may vary, because Google seems to have multiple indexes, that return different results, and also because Google now modifies your results based on your search history, and even by geographic region.

Being #1 and #2 for those two phrases won't necessarily get me more traffic, though it could, rather it's going to bring me a more focused audience. People searching for "beef jerky reviews", will now see my blog up at the top and will go there, instead of going to a manufacturer's site and reading biased reviews.

For those manufacturers that got a favorable review from me, I'd love for you to post a link to my site. It'll help make sure it stays at #1 for those search phrases, which will lead to those people learning about your beef jerky.


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