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Diet Log - August 12, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 190 pounds, up two pounds from last report.

Got back in last night from my camping trip. Had a great time. Several of us rode our motorcycles up to Kernville and camped out on the Kern River. Did a lot of riding through the Sequoia National Forest. You can see my photos here...

And I did a lot of eating.

We cooked up steaks and brauts, and had chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, smores, beef sticks, and I don't remember what else. And that was the first night. We ate left overs for breakfast the next day, and then for lunch we had burgers at this place called, "McNally's", just north of Kernville. Several others went out that night for ice cream, but I held back and didn't eat anything. I drank a lot of beer, bloody marys, and screwdrivers.

We even roasted bacon over the campfire. We hung the bacon on the ends of sticks, and held them over the fire. They didn't get cripsy, but they did cook. They get this intense smoky flavor.

I think what helped me keep the weight gain down to just two pounds was that I did some hiking on Sunday. We rode our motorcycles into Sequoia National Forest, and did the "Trail of a Hundred Giants", which is a 1.5 mile loop past some of the largest and oldest Sequoia trees in the world. Then we rode out to "Dome Rock", which is a massive rock that sits on a mountain peak. You walk up this rock, which is quite an exercise in itself, and get this awesome view of the forest.


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