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Diet Log - August 1, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 188 pounds. Down another 2 from yesterday.

Well, I did it, I reached 188 pounds. That puts me at a net loss of 7 pounds for the month of July. So, that means I had net losses of 7 pounds for each of the months, May, June, and July.

Yesterday I had bags of Hawaiian Warrior - Sweet & Spicy, and Buffalo Bills - Premium Spicy.

I did some dog walking yesterday too, about 1 mile. What's weird is that the dogs didn't look like they wanted to go walking. It was about 96 degrees out at the time, so I guess they were "dog tired" from too much sun. Instead of walking ahead of me, they kept falling back and I found myself dragging them along. So I said, "fine!", and turned around for home. We got close to the house and they started pulling me towards the door.

Ok, so I guess that makes 181 pounds the goal for the last day of August.


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