Diet Log - August 30, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds, down one pound.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

Some good news, Serious Eats, a blog focusing on food, and one of the most widely read food blogs around, mentioned my beef jerky review blog yesterday. It sent some good traffic into it.

Diet Log - August 29, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 186 pounds, still no change.

Wednesday I started out on the beef jerky diet, but ended up breaking it so that I could get together with a buddy of mine. I had a couple of beers and some jambalaya.

Thursday was my planned "regular meal day". I had a pizza, diet coke, and then stopped at a bar for a beer. Didn't eat anything else that day.

Still no exercise.

It doesn't look like I'll hit my goal of 181 pounds this month. The best I can do in the next few days is to stick to the beef jerky today, do some exercise, and then do some exercise Saturday and Sunday as well. Those two days are also my planned regular meal days.

Diet Log - August 27, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 186, no change from yesterday.

Started out on the beef jerky diet, but ended up having a seafood salad for dinner. What happened is that I had a meeting to attend, and everyone else having food, and man it looked so good.

On some better news, my beef jerky review blog finally reached #1 and #2 respectively on Google for the following key phrases...

beef jerky reviews
best beef jerky

Your results may vary, because Google seems to have multiple indexes, that return different results, and also because Google now modifies your results based on your search history, and even by geographic region.

Being #1 and #2 for those two phrases won't necessarily get me more traffic, though it could, rather it's going to bring me a more focused audience. People searching for "beef jerky reviews", will now see my blog up at the top and will go there, instead of going to a manufacturer's site and reading biased reviews.

For those manufacturers that got a favorable review from me, I'd love for you to post a link to my site. It'll help make sure it stays at #1 for those search phrases, which will lead to those people learning about your beef jerky.

Diet Log - August 26, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 186 pounds, down 1 pound from yesterday.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday, but still no exercise.

Also yesterday, someone posted some nasty comments about my review of Tasty Eats Soy Jerky. I kinda wonder if maybe it was an employee of that company. I deleted the comments because they threw in some foul language.

But here they are for your perusal (I inserted the ***)...
Aug 25, 11:15am - You are a total ignorant a**! its a health food thats jerky, were you acutally expecting a piece of cow c**k in your mouth? If you don't eat vegan food or vegetarian food OF F***ING COURSE its not going to taste good to you bastards. I've been buying their product for the past 6 months now and its BY FAR the best ive EVER tasted compared to the other soy jerkys that are on the market. You sir are a f***ing piece of s**t that can't understand the reasons why most of us are vegetarian. And i eat because i enjoy the flavoring, im not some f***ing dips**t going about "pretending" that its meat. So seriously out of all reasoning, GROW THE F**K UP and go choke down some more of your delicious penis.

Aug 25, 2:18pm - So i leave a comment and you delete it? wow talk about being a child again. At least im being honest and getting the real information out to people rather then your one sided bias bulls**t on soy jerky. As i was scanning through your so called "archive" i see that you mark all the soy jerkys as "dog treats" Out of all seriousness, if you don't like it why don't you just take it down you f***ing dips**t? and out of all seriousness, do people even REALLY look at this bulls**t-esc website of yours? i mean really now?
Well, I guess that f***ing dips**t is one who looks at that website of mine.

Like I said in my review, I believe that vegans are secretly wanting to eat meat, that's why there are so many soy jerkies on the market.

Otherwise, why bother even calling it "jerky"? Why bother trying to make it look and feel like real meat?

I've eaten a lot of soy-based snack foods in my time, mainly because I grew up in a Japanese household, and the Japanese make tons of soybean-based foods. All of it tastes pretty good. But thus far, all of the soy jerkies out there is simply awful. And again, that's coming from someone who has developed a taste for soy foods.

But you cannot argue the notion that if you're a beef jerky lover, and you see a package of soy jerky, your first question is if it tastes anything similar to real beef jerky. The second question is if it tastes any good.

I focused in on those two questions in my reviews of vegan jerky (see them all here). While I am indeed biased in favor of real meat jerky, all I can say is that I tried my hardest to review it objectively. And I'm someone who comes from a culture that thrives on soy foods. I'm not biased against soy at all.

In fact, I question if that angry commenter even knows about all the other great-tasting soy snacks there are on the market? Why eat a soy snack that tastes so awful, when there are so many other great tasting soy snacks? My only explanation is because he or she wants something that looks and feels like real meat.

Diet Log - August 25, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 187 pounds.

It's been a tumultuous past several days since my last post, as far as losing weight is concerned. I shot up to as high as 190 pounds at one point.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, five days straight, all off from the beef jerky diet. I did have some beef jerky in those days; I just didn't diet on beef jerky.

I think I'm getting to a point where I feel I have room for laziness. I can stop exercising, and revel in some gluttony, and think that a few days on the beef jerky diet will erase all the extra pounds. So far, that thought has been true.

My goal is still to finish this month at 181 pounds. It's gonna be tough.

Diet Log - August 20, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds. My lowest weight since going on the beef jerky diet.

Since my last diet log of Aug 16, my weight shot up to 189 pounds over Saturday and Sunday, as I indulged in seafood, barbecue, beer, margaritas, wine, pina coladas, and popcorn. Then over Monday and Tuesday, I was able to whittle that down this morning's weigh in of 185, and doing it solely through the beef jerky diet.

I'm now four pounds away of this month's goal of 181 pounds.

I've been able to incorporate beef sticks into my beef jerky diet regimen. Buffalo Bills sent in several beef sticks along with their shipment of sample jerky for review. I found them very convenient for the diet because I can snack one in between the beef jerky, and I don't have to write a review everytime I have one.

Today, I'm supposed to meet with a client over lunch. Normally, Wednesdays are beef jerky days. Then this evening, I'll be hanging out with my biker friends and maybe have a burger and beer.

I'm continuing to fetch more samples of beef jerky for review. Yesterday "Ray's Own Brand" sent some in. That brand was recommended by a reader of mine, so I contacted the brand to let them know about my beef jerky review blog. Turns out, that my reader also contacted them about it.

Diet Log - August 16, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 186 pounds, down another pound.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday. Read my review of Gary West Meats - Elk Strips. I'm really becoming a fan of Gary West Meats' jerky, some really great meat taste in that stuff.

In truth, it was actually an "elk jerky" day yesterday.

But I also dipped into some beef sticks. I had 1-2 beef sticks about every 3-4 hours. I had my V8 juice, some water, diet soda, and a wine cooler.

No exercise.

Yesterday, I also had a nice long chat with Caleb, the sales manager at Gary West Meats. He told me a lot about how they make their jerky, and quite a bit about the industry, as well as my beef jerky review blog. I guess I'm going to have stop in their factory the next time I'm passing through Oregon.

Today, I'm going out motorcycle riding again. Supposed to have lunch at KR's Chicken & Ribs in Murrieta. Then ride around some places, and end up at Long Shadow Ranch Winery in Temecula for their evening bonfire.

Then Sunday, the wife and I are supposed to hook up with some other motorcycle riders for breakfast, and then a ride to the coast.

So I figure I'll probably put on another 4 pounds by Monday's weigh-in. All depends on what I eat, and if I can get my lazy butt to do some walking.

Diet Log - August 15, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 187 pounds, down another pound.

Yesterday I was off the beef jerky. Some friends and I rode our motorcycles to Wynola, and had pizza at the Wynola Pizza joint. I had a "Cowboy Pizza", with regular Cokes. Then we stopped at Barley & Hops in Temecula, and I had two beers. Later that evening, I snacked on a couple of beef sticks.

And I didn't exercise yesterday.

Yet, I still lost a pound.

I guess that's the "magic" of being on the beef jerky diet.

I'm back on the beef jerky today. Hope to get some exercise in, maybe get myself down to 185. I wanna finish the month at least to 181.

Diet Log - August 14, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 189 pounds, down another pound.

Again, no exercise yesterday, just ate jerky. I had some of Gary West Meats' Traditional Jerky, and a bag of Jedidiah's Hot & Spicy Teriyaki.

I guess I still have more to learn about the beef jerky industry, primarily when companies outsource the manufacturing to a meat processor. I always had the belief that these meat processors used YOUR recipe, and used whatever beef YOU brought them.

I suppose that's still true, but for whatever reason, they produce beef jerky that is strangely familiar to other brands.

For example, Country Archer is a meat processor that makes beef brisket jerky for Jedidiah's, Divine Bovine, and Alien Fresh. All three brands of jerky tastes exactly the same, and looks exactly the same. They even have EXACTLY the same nutrition facts labels. The ingredients lists between the three have some slight differences, but are still largely the same.

So, it would make sense to conclude that Country Archer is using the same beef, and the same recipe for all three brands. Yet, when I spoke to the folks at Jedidiah's and Divine Bovine, they assured me that they use their own proprietary recipes. Divine Bovine went on to say that they buy their own beef brisket, and have it sent to Country Archer.

I found the same to be true with Medina Foods, another meat processor. They make the Buffalo Bills' Country Cut jerky, as well as Jedidiah's Premium Jerky. If you look at the two jerkies, they look exactly alike, and taste exactly alike. Both the ingredients list and the nurtrition facts are exactly the same. Yet, I'm told by Jedidiah's that they give Medina Foods their own unique recipe.

I'm not calling anybody a liar, I'm just saying that the meat processor adds a profound effect to a jerky's particular flavor and consistency, despite whatever recipe and beef they are given. That effect is so huge, that if a jerky brand switched meat processors, their jerky would no longer taste the same.

There's a little voice inside of me saying that many brands don't really have their own recipes. Instead, they're just private labeling a processor's existing recipe. That was basically what I tried to get Divine Bovine and Jedidiah's to tell me, but they wouldn't say that.

It's important for me to understand that as being true or false, because I'm trying to write reviews of beef jerky in the most detailed, and honest way that I can. Maybe I'm just stepping on some toes.

At least, Mirab USA, the largest private labeler of them all, admitted to me that all of the brands they make jerky for use their existing house recipes.

Another Beef Jerky Weight Loss Story

Sallie Guthrie writes to House of Jerky to say that she lost 61 pounds last year with the help of House of Jerky's jerky...
I have been ordering beef jerky from House of Jerky for years now. I have given up trying to find any store-bought jerky that is comparable in taste and quality to House of Jerky’s. Having lost 61 pounds while dieting in the last year, I have found that beef jerky is a wonderful diet staple to have on hand.

Diet Log - August 13, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 190 pounds, no change from yesterday.

I stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday, but did no exercise.

I'm sticking to it again today.

My beef jerky review blog is gaining visitors. The past 30 days have seen about 100 visitors a day, and about 200 page views a day, that's about double from the 30 days previous to that. Considering I spent zero on advertising and marketing, I'd say that's pretty good.

The beef jerky diet blog, the one you're reading now, is gaining traffic also, but is still seeing lower traffic than the review blog. This is getting about 15 visitors per day, but that's still also about double from the 30 days before that.

Diet Log - August 12, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 190 pounds, up two pounds from last report.

Got back in last night from my camping trip. Had a great time. Several of us rode our motorcycles up to Kernville and camped out on the Kern River. Did a lot of riding through the Sequoia National Forest. You can see my photos here...

And I did a lot of eating.

We cooked up steaks and brauts, and had chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, smores, beef sticks, and I don't remember what else. And that was the first night. We ate left overs for breakfast the next day, and then for lunch we had burgers at this place called, "McNally's", just north of Kernville. Several others went out that night for ice cream, but I held back and didn't eat anything. I drank a lot of beer, bloody marys, and screwdrivers.

We even roasted bacon over the campfire. We hung the bacon on the ends of sticks, and held them over the fire. They didn't get cripsy, but they did cook. They get this intense smoky flavor.

I think what helped me keep the weight gain down to just two pounds was that I did some hiking on Sunday. We rode our motorcycles into Sequoia National Forest, and did the "Trail of a Hundred Giants", which is a 1.5 mile loop past some of the largest and oldest Sequoia trees in the world. Then we rode out to "Dome Rock", which is a massive rock that sits on a mountain peak. You walk up this rock, which is quite an exercise in itself, and get this awesome view of the forest.

Diet Log - August 9, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 188 pounds, down another pound.

I'm now at the same weight as I started this month. Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday, and even took the dogs out for a 2 mile walk. Check out my review for Green Light Jerky - Jamaican Jerk, it's pretty tasty.

And now I'm off to go camping, up in Kernville. Taking the motorcycle with some other friends, and should be back Monday evening. Also taking a ride through Giant Sequoia National Monument, and Red Rock Canyon State Park.

I'll be taking some of those beef sticks that Buffalo Bills sent me.

I have this feeling that I'll put on an extra 7 pounds by the time I weigh in on Tuesday morning. But then again, the point is to have fun.

Diet Log - August 8, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 189 pounds, down a pound from Wednesday.

Yesterday, I was off the beef jerky, and went motorcycle riding with some friends. We headed up to Idyllwild, and ate at Good Times Pub & Grill. I had a BBQ hamburger, with onion rings, and a Diet Coke.

Later on, we stopped at bar closer to home and I had two beers. Other than another Diet Coke and V8 later on that evening, that's all I ate.

It's a beef jerky day today, and then this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I'm off to go camping up by Kernville. It'll be three whole days of BBQ and beer, and some motorcycle riding around the area. One of the guys going with us said all he needs is beer and bacon. He likes to buy a slab of bacon, and then hang a strip on a twig and roast it over a fire. Sounds kinda good to me.

Over the past few days, I received shipments of sample jerky from Gary West Meats, Green Light Jerky, and Jedidiah's Jerky. I still have some more stuff to review for Buffalo Bills, a few more varieties of Trader Joe's, a variety of Hawaiian Warrior, and a bag of Winchester Ham Jerky (as in the Winchester Rifle brand). Who'd ever thought a gun maker would have its own jerky, right?

Diet Log - August 6, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 190 pounds, no change from yesterday.

I started with the beef jerky diet yesterday, but transitioned over to a normal food day. I'm gonna stick to the beef jerky diet today.

Yesterday, I finally got the back tire changed on my motorcycle. I had never taken the back wheel off of my Harley, but I dug in and figure it out. For the most part it's easy, you just need the right tools.

Afterwards, I took the bike out for a ride to make sure it was all running good, and ended up at this tavern in Temecula. I called up some buddies and drank beers for awhile.

Yesterday, someone posted a comment on this blog...
So you've been on a "diet" for over a week and haven't lost a pound. I'd say beef jerky ain't doin' ya any good.

Most any serious diet has you stop eating meat entirely before you even start them.
First of all, this person hasn't read the blog, or else they'd know I've been on this diet for several months, and that I've lost about 30 pounds since March, and even more going back before then.

Second, it sounds like this person hates the fact that I'm losing weight and perpetuating the slaughter of farm animals. They obviously have a bone to pick, since they didn't read the blog. It's been said that the reason why sex is so much fun is to encourage perpetuation of the species. So, I say the reason why beef tastes so good is because we were meant to eat it.

Diet Log - August 5, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 190 pounds, down three pounds from yesterday.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday. Read my review of "Jeff Foxworthy Beef Jerky".

I'm wondering if I can create some beef jerky under a private label arrangement, and sell it as weight loss aid. I'd have to get the salt content way down, and call it "Beef Jerky Diet", and show a skinny woman in a bikini with a tape measure around her waist. The tag line would say, "Specially formulated for weight loss!".

Those ants finally went away later in the afternoon, but they came back that night. And they're still here as of this writing. They keep finding new sources of food, and while I keep taking them away, they keep finding more.

As for yesterday, I ate some other brands of jerky too, but ate a little bit all throughout the day, keeping my belly with something to do. I walked the dogs also, but for about 1 mile.

Diet Log - August 4, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 193 pounds. Up five pounds from Friday.

Well, Friday was a beef jerky day, but I didn't lose any weight the rest of that day. And Saturday and Sunday I had my normal meals, which consisted of a lot of good things, and good things always do bad things to your diet.

So now I've got my work cut out for me this week.

I arrived at my desk here at home to find I've been invaded by ants.

I guess that's what happens when you eat so much food at your desk. The best I can tell is that they're here to pick up the bits of food on the desk, because I can't really see where else they going. It makes it hard to type without resting my arms on the desk. They walk all over the keyboard and mouse too. And I don't want to spray in my office because I hate the smell of bug spray.

So, I'm going to let these guys clean things up around here and hope they go away soon.

In the meantime, it's a new beef jerky day today. And I'll probably spend it working in the backyard, and trying to change the tire on my motorcycle. And maybe I'll burn some calories that way.

Diet Log - August 1, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 188 pounds. Down another 2 from yesterday.

Well, I did it, I reached 188 pounds. That puts me at a net loss of 7 pounds for the month of July. So, that means I had net losses of 7 pounds for each of the months, May, June, and July.

Yesterday I had bags of Hawaiian Warrior - Sweet & Spicy, and Buffalo Bills - Premium Spicy.

I did some dog walking yesterday too, about 1 mile. What's weird is that the dogs didn't look like they wanted to go walking. It was about 96 degrees out at the time, so I guess they were "dog tired" from too much sun. Instead of walking ahead of me, they kept falling back and I found myself dragging them along. So I said, "fine!", and turned around for home. We got close to the house and they started pulling me towards the door.

Ok, so I guess that makes 181 pounds the goal for the last day of August.