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Diet Log - July 11, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 195 pounds, back up another 2 from the last report.

Got back home last night from my two-day motorcycle ride to Santa Maria. Had a great time riding the back roads over the mountains.

I did some eating, not a great deal, but had plenty to drink. Places we stopped for food and drink...

  • Yellow Basket, Menifee - breakfast burrito, diet Coke

  • Boccali's, Ojai - pizza and diet Coke

  • Cold Spring Tavern, Santa Barbara - screwdriver

  • Roadhouse Grill, Santa Maria - mixed drinks, peanuts

  • Francisco's Country Kitchen, Santa Maria - eggs, bacon, toast, apple juice

  • Madd Bailey's Pub, Pine Mountain Club - beer

  • Deer Lodge, Ojai - beer

I got the munchies late last night here at home, so I found a small jar of "Hearts of Palm" in the fridge, and depleted it.

I found some brands of jerky at this one store in Pine Mountain Club, CA. They're national brands, but those I haven't found in my home town. They look rather low-budget.

I even managed to get a little exercise in, after we hiked about 1/2 mile round trip to this waterfall, "Nojoqui Falls", just south of Solvang.

Got stung by a bee on the back of my neck while riding down a road. I'm not allergic to them, aside from just a slight swelling, it has pretty much gone away as of this writing. But it did make it a little uncomfortable to twist my neck to the left.

Boccali's Restaurant, Ojai, CA

Nojoqui Falls, south of Solvang, CA

Cold Spring Tavern, north of Santa Barbara, nestled away from public view, hidden inside some thick woods. You'd never know this was here.

Highway 166, a long stretch of lonely road. Actor James Dean died on this road.

The Deer Lodge, Ojai, CA, a popular biker bar

Me with my bike, at a viewpoint along Cerro Noroeste Rd, about 20 miles north of Pine Mountain Club, CA

Geese and ducks, at the post office in Valyermo, CA

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