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Beef Jerky Diet in the Blogosphere

Janine White gave us a mention on her blog...
Steve of Best Beef Jerky Beef Jerky Reviews and Beef Jerky Diet Blog is trying to save money and lose weight by following his diet of consuming primarily the free beef jerky that manufacturers send him, V8 juice and water.
Read her full review here...

She hopes that I haven't injured myself with this diet, referring to the "groggy" state of feeling that I wrote about earlier. All I can say at this point is that I feel a lot better after staying away from diet sodas for a week. I think it was the aspartame.

Calorielab also mentioned us...
A blogger named Steve Johnson has been writing for the past few months about his efforts to lose weight by eating beef jerky. He runs a beef jerky review site as well, and is using the diet as a way to cut food costs, since companies send him jerky to review.
Read their full review here... beef-jerky-diet-a-low-fat-plan-with-tons-of-salt/

They offered a similar sentiment.

I'd have to reply back that I agree a beef jerky diet is experimental, and I wouldn't regard this as a healthy weight loss plan by any means. I just love beef jerky, and came up with a plan to lose weight, eat beef jerky, and create a way to promote beef jerky companies by writing reviews.

My weight loss to date is something I could have accomplished eating other foods, and doing the same exercise. This beef jerky diet plan is more of a peculiarity than something to take seriously.


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