Diet Log - June 13, 2008 | Beef Jerky Diet Blog

Diet Log - June 13, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 197 lbs, down 2 lbs from Wednesday.

Wednesday I was off the beef jerky diet, having planned to eat out that evening. I hooked up with a friend of mine and we rode our motorcycles to the Harbor Fish Cafe in Carlsbad. I had a shrimp salad with a cup of clam chowder, and a coffee with cream and sugar.

The following morning, Thursday, I weighed in at the same weight as previously, 199 lbs. I planned to stick to the beef jerky diet the rest of that day. I ate two packages of jerky, both of which measured 2oz, so it worked out to 4oz of beef jerky that I ate. Check out my reviews, "Gary West Beef Jerky - Cajun", and "House of Beef Jerky - Peppered".

I also did some walking yesterday, about 2.5 miles.

My goal for this month, is to finish at or below 190lbs. I have 9 more beef jerky diet days left. But I also have 8 more non-diet days left also. I gotta keep up the exercise, and stay off the high-carb beverages.


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