Diet Log - May 5, 2008 | Beef Jerky Diet Blog

Diet Log - May 5, 2008

Weighed in at 210 lbs this morning. Up 3 lbs from Friday.

Friday I stuck to the Beef Jerky Diet. Read my review of "Alien Fresh Jerky - Teriyaki". I had just one can of V8, and a couple of half-liter bottles of water. I also walked the dogs for 4 miles.

Saturday, I took a motorcycle ride with some friends out to Pioneertown. Ended up having a catfish sandwich, fries, and three beers. Then stopped at Killarney's Irish Pub for another beer, and helped my wife eat some cheese fries (with ranch dressing). No exercise that day.

Sunday, I took another motorcycle ride my friends up to Mt. Baldy Lodge, and had a hamburger, fries, and a Coke (plus one refill). Stopped over at a friend's house, and had two glasses of his home brewed beer. No exercise that day either.

So, I guess I'm going to have to spend this week trying to burn off that stuff, and see if I can get to at least 205 by Saturday morning. I'll see if I can do Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on the Beef Jerky Diet, straight.


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