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Diet Log - May 14, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 208 lbs.

Well, it's been a very trying week, that's about how I can summarize it.

I said the last time that my wife sliced up this honey roasted ham, and I've been trying to eat it up before it spoils. So, I'm still eating a few pieces in the morning, and then eating a bag of beef jerky towards the evening.

On a couple of days, she cooked up dinner for me. I didn't really want her to do this, because I had planned to stick to the beef jerky diet on those days. But how can a guy say "no", when his wife cooks a meal for him? Complicating matters is that we have left overs too, and I had to eat that stuff before it spoiled.

Then there were my usual off days, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, where I hook up with my friends to go riding, and hang out at the local eateries.

But Monday and Tuesday, I did stick to the beef jerky diet, and today I plan on doing so also. Read my last two reviews on Best Beef Jerky.

Yesterday, my wife asked me if I wanted anything from the fast food joint, I only said, "Diet Coke". She came home with a regular Coke instead. I commented about it, but she ensured that she verified with the order taker that it was diet.

I guess fast food joints don't hire reliable people anymore.


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