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Diet Log - May 1, 2008

veggie trayWeighed in this morning at 209 lbs, down another pound.

Yesterday, I ate this medium-sized veggie tray, containing only 5 servings, that my wife bought a week or so ago. I needed to eat it before we wasted money on it. I ate it plain, no dips or dressings, or anything. And then just had water to drink. That worked out to 125 total calories, and 25gm total carbs. Zero fat.

I also walked the dogs for a couple of miles.

Today, I'm planning to get out of the house and do some motorcycle riding with a couple of friends. I've really a longing for Pizza Port, a really good pizza joint in San Clemente, CA. It'll probably add another 3 pounds back on to me. But I'll try to do another couple miles of walking later in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, I'll stick to the beef jerky diet. I need to get a new review published on Beef Jerky Reviews. I've got one more package of Alien Fresh Jerky left. Oh Man! Really good stuff there.


May 1, 2008 at 3:49 PM Anonymous said...

Glad to here you lost another. I broke the magic 20 mark; really close to 21 but I am happy to say 20 pounds in less than 4 weeks. Still have not started to exercise.
Had my 4th nonjerky meal -- chicken at a charity lunch-scraped off the little bit of sauce. Almost spit out the ice tea when the server said it was unsweetened and I got a mouthful of sugar; I put it aside and drank water.

You mentioned avoiding sodium nitrate-- well I have not. How bad is that stuff for you?

Lose 15 more in May and then I will worry about sodium nitrates. I have a regular doctor's visit at the end of May-- I am sure he will not be a fan of the all beef jerky diet.

On another note, I was surprised that you disliked World Kitchen's Jerky so much. I agree with you that it is a differant texture than most jerkys. I would compare it to think sliced crispy bacon texture as opposed to the Jack Links style gummy jerky. But followed with a quart of water and that dryer World Kitchens fills your tummy.

Well off to google sodium nitrates.

John M

May 1, 2008 at 4:14 PM Anonymous said...

That World Kitchens stuff tasted like it wasn't made of meat, but some other parts of the cow. I sorta tasted liver. But then again, it's priced really cheap, and you get a full pound in a bag.

BTW, its' spelled "nitrite" not "nitrate". I've been told that it's linked to colon cancer, and lung disease. Most of your garden variety jerky is loaded with it, because it's a good preservative for meat.

Funny about the "gummy jerky" you mention about Jack Link's, that's my impression also. I'll have to start using that term, thanks!

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