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About Me

Born in Hawaii, 1966, but lived in California for most of my life, with a brief stint in Yokohama, Japan. I now live in Southern California, the Inland Empire, where the real estate is cheap and the air shortens your lifespan.

I'm a blogger, website publisher, and affiliate marketer by trade. I work out of my house, and I work for myself. Well technically, I work for Clear Digital Media, Inc. But I own the company.

I live a pretty sedentary life, sitting in a chair in my home office from morning to midnight, blogging, publishing websites, answering e-mails, and figuring out what else to do to bring in money. Naturally, it's bad for the health.

My Eating Habits

As a kid, I was skinny. Very skinny. By the time I entered college, I stood at my present height of 5'8", but weighed only 120 pounds. I had always eaten lots of food, lots of ice cream, pastries, chips, sodas, burgers, pizzas, you name it. I gorged on it. But I remained skinny. I could burn the calories off, no problem.

I used to eat when I was bored. Anytime I couldn't find a way to keep myself occupied, I would go into the kitchen, and find something to munch on. It was ok, because my body was burning through the calories, no problem.

By the time I got into my mid-20s, it seemed like my metabolism started slowing. I could no longer burn off the calories. Except, I still had my old habit of eating anytime I was bored.

By the time I got into my late-30s, I reached my high point of 240 pounds, and I was still the same height, 5'8". I doubled my college weight. I was twice the man I used to be.

Now I am in my 40s. I figure my optimum weight should be 150 pounds, provided I don't put on more muscle. With more muscle mass, perhaps 160 pounds.

Trying to Lose Weight

When I reached that high point of 240 pounds, I swore that was the heaviest I'd ever weigh. I began to change my eating habits. I didn't want to go on some crash-course diet. I didn't want to buy Jenny Craig. I didn't want to go to the gym. I didn't want to barf myself thin. All that does is mask the root problem.

What I wanted was to control my desire to eat.

It wasn't easy. I had to retrain myself. I was still eating the same foods, it's just that I would either eat less of it, or I'd eat salad (with no dressing) first to fill up some of the space. I ate two meals a day, with snacks in between, just like most people. But each meal was smaller than I'd normally eat. If I stuffed myself, then I ate only that one meal, and not a second one. Many days I couldn't stick with this, and had to resort back to my old ways. But other days I found the determination to try harder than ever.

It took about 4 years until I could get down from 240 to 225. A loss of 15 pounds. But what I gained from those 4 years was kicking out the demon of gluttony, and teaching myself how to stay occupied so that I wouldn't think about eating. Things started getting easier now.

Then I cut my eating down to just one meal a day. I kept that up for about a month, and I got down to 220 pounds. Then I came up the Beef Jerky Diet, and about two weeks into that, I started this blog, weighing in at 211 pounds.

The Beef Jerky Diet

Part of the impetus for this diet is my Beef Jerky Review blog, where I review various brands and varieties of beef jerky.

Beef jerky has long been a favorite snack food of mine. I figure I can eat this stuff forever, with my favorite juice drink, V8.

Part of the reason for starting the Beef Jerky Review blog is because I want beef jerky companies to send me free beef jerky. I'm hoping to get enough free bags of jerky on a regular basis to provide me with one free bag (4oz) each day.

So, if I establish this Beef Jerky Diet, using free beef jerky, I can drastically cut my food expenses down. And that's also part of the impetus for the diet. I can save myself hundreds of dollars a month on food.

That's a win-win-win situation. Eat beef jerky, lose weight, and save money. How can I go wrong?


June 30, 2008 at 11:16 PM Anonymous said...

You quoted....

I chose beef jerky because I really love beef jerky. I also have a website that reviews beef jerky, and am working on getting beef jerky companies to send me free samples...End of Quote.

I'd be interested in talking to you.... Samples vs. blogging? I own a low carb store & website and my own line of low carb products. Specially my new one carb per slice bread. Can we talk? Rossana@vivalowcarb.com

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