Lost 100 Pounds Snacking on Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 174 pounds, down two more from yesterday.

Yesterday, the diet consisted of 7 ounces of jerky, four cans of Diet Coke, and one Bud Light. I also walked the dogs for two miles.

I read this article yesterday about an ob/gyn physician who found herself overweight mostly due to snacking on cupcakes she buys from a vending machine. Her work was so busy and so stressful, that she became obese. But since then, at age 60, she retired and found her life more relaxing. She lost 100 pounds, snacking on better food.

And what's that better food? Apparently peanuts and jerky...

She smiled because she didn't crave the cupcakes anymore. When she snacks, she has peanuts or beef jerky.

Then she noticed packages of peanuts and beef jerky in that very machine, where they'd always been.
I had to share this because I've lost a lot of weight snacking on jerky also.

Calculating My Proper Body Weight

Weighed in this morning at 176 pounds, down two from yesterday.

Yesterday I had about 6 ounces of jerky, 3 cans of Diet Coke, and two bottles of Bud Light. That was it.

I also walked the dogs for 1 mile.

I've been rethinking my weight loss goal of 160 pounds. In talking to some other people who are around the same height as me, and in checking out the many weight calculators online, it seems my proper weight should be about 150 pounds instead.

For my height of 5'8", my weight should vary between 140 to 160 pounds, depending on how much muscle mass I have, and how stocky of a body I have. Since I don't have much muscle mass, and I'm of average build, I'm thinking I should be about 150.

But I think I'll do is get myself down to 160 pounds and reassess things and then decide if I really want to shoot for 150.

Christmas Can Kill a Diet

Weighed in this morning at 178 pounds. That's up about 7 pounds from my last report.

Christmas can really kill a diet.

Christmas day we enjoyed a big feast centered around a baked ham. The day after Christmas, I hooked up with a buddy, and rode our motorcycles to Oceanside for some pizza and beer. The following day, we had another big feast, centered around a roasted turkey, with our niece and her two kids. Then yesterday, we had some friends visiting, which called for another feast, but this time eating up the leftovers.

Four days of belly stuffing.

I started this month at 179 pounds. My goal is to finish it at 172. I had actually gotten down to 170 at the mid-point of the month, but gained most of that back. So now, I've got three days left in this month to trim off 7 pounds. It can be done, but really tough.

I haven't published many jerky reviews because of all the feasting we've been doing, plus the fact that I had been fighting the flu bug too. I hope to get things back on track now.

Tongue Sores Are From a Cold

It's funny, I noticed a vegan blogger write about this beef jerky diet blog of mine, seemingly worried that I'm not eating a nutritious diet.

Well, who on this Earth eats a 100% nutritious diet 365 days a year anyways?

But the blogger goes on to suggest that the tongue sores I got recently were from eating too much beef jerky. They were actually from a cold virus I had been fighting the past week.

The blogger said that they read my whole blog, but apparently didn't read the most recent entries.

Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili

Weighed in this morning at 171 pounds, up one pound from my last report Sunday.

Sunday I prepared a can of chili, with some salsa, cheese, and Cholula sauce added, and then used it as a dip for some tortilla chips. I also had a couple lemon bars that my wife made. Later that evening I ate some more baby carrots left over from Thanksgiving.

Monday I felt good enough to jump on my motorcycle to meet a buddy of mine. We took a short ride to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Murrieta. I gobbled down 12 wings with my favorite sauce "Asian Zing". I had two beers and a bloody mary. I also helped my friend eat down his plate of loaded nachos.

Today I'm sticking to the beef jerky diet.

Tongue Sores and Beef Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Actually, I drank a bottle of water about a hour before weighing myself, so I'm guessing I was actually around 169.

Still getting over my cold. Felt better yesterday, but was just tired and weak. I had a bag of Bridgford teriyaki jerky laying around, a 3.65 oz bag, and ate the contents. That was all I ate, aside from a quart of apple juice, and some water. I ended with the runs later on that night; I'm not sure if it was the jerky, the apple juice, or just the effects of the cold virus.

This morning, I feel a lot better. I still have some residual coughing, and those damn tongue sores. Those sores seem to increase the misery factor by two times. They made eating jerky rather painful, I think it's because jerky requires a lot of chewing. It also leaves a lot of meat fragments in my mouth, requiring the use of my tongue to clean them all out. I ought to get back into writing more jerky reviews, but I think I'll wait a couple more days.

Getting Over the Flu

Weighed in this morning at 170, down one from yesterday.

Was sick all day yesterday, and didn't eat a thing. I did, however, drink down two quarts of orange juice, and a quart of apple juice. Otherwise, my appetite just wasn't there.

Still kinda tired and weak, but the body is starting to feel better. My throat is still sore, I still have coughing attacks, but I don't seem to have the runny nose and watery eyes now. Need to get some food in me.

I still have lots of jerky here to eat, so I'm thinking of getting back into the swing of writing reviews. But right now, I'm still tired. And I just don't have the appetite for jerky right now. I want something hot. I keep thinking "breakfast burrito", and then going back to bed.

Laid Up In Bed

Weighed in this morning at 171 pounds, up one from yesterday.

Yesterday, that cold hit me the hardest yet. I was pretty much laid up in bed most of the day. I had some chicken soup around 12:00pm, and later on followed up with a can of V8. In the evening I had a full quart of cranberry juice, and later in the night, a full quart of orange juice.

Still feel crappy today. I probably won't be doing much.

Weight Loss with the Flu

Weighed in this morning at 170 pounds. Down three more from yesterday.

Yesterday, had 4 ounces of jerky, another 8 ounces of baby carrots, two cans of Diet Coke, and two cans of V8. This was all spread out over the day, to where I had 2 ounces of jerky in the morning, and two ounces in the afternoon. The carrots I had in the evening. I had one V8 in the morning, and the other at night.

That's three straight days of losing 3 pounds per day. My weight loss goal for this month was 172 pounds, and here we are half-way through the month, and I'm at 170.

I've been fighting off a flu the past few days. During these few days, I've been taking a lot of hot baths, trying to sweat out the virus. Sounds strange, but that was the remedy my mom always gave me when I was a kid. She'd dress me up warm clothes, put me in bed with the covers pulled over, and told me sweat, sweat, and sweat. And interestingly, it would make me a feel a lot better. But sweating in a hot bath doesn't quite seem to have the same effect. Maybe I gotta do it my mom's way.

Today is normally my non-diet day. I'd usually jump on my motorcycle and go riding with my friends. But I'm not feeling well, and it's too cold outside anyways. I thought about digging something out of the kitchen and splurging on food. Thought about eating some chicken soup too. But, I don't really feel like eating too much. Besides, I now have cold sores on my tongue.

Lose Six Pounds in Two Days

Weighed in this morning at 173 pounds, down three more from yesterday.

Yesterday, ate the remaining 3 ounces of that Pacific Gold American Style Kobe, and about 8 ounces of carrots and ranch dip. Also, two cans of Diet Coke, and two cans of V8. We still have lots of carrots left over from Thanksgiving, and by looking at them yesterday, they're starting to turn.

It's interesting how I could gain six pounds over Saturday and Sunday, and then lose six pounds over Monday and Tuesday. It seems quick weight losses are always possible after quick weight gains. In fact, I've never been able to lose that much weight in such short time unless is was after a similarly quick weight gain. There's still more to the science of weight management that I don't know about.

Looks like I picked up a cold, with a runny nose and coughing.

It's also cold and raining outside for the past few days. But I think I picked up this cold from a friend of mine on Sunday.

It's another beef jerky diet day today, but like I said, we still have more carrots to finish off, and I'll have to eat more before they all go bad.

Losing Weight with Refried Beans

Weighed in this morning at 176 pounds, down 3 pounds from yesterday.

Yesterday, all I ate was a can of refried beans, mixed with some salsa, Cholula sauce, and mozzarella cheese, which I then used as a dip for some tortilla chips. Then I had two cans of Diet Coke.

Received some meat sticks yesterday, this time from House of Jerky. I'm seriously tempted to include meat sticks into my beef jerky review blog. But at this point, I don't really have a clue on what constitutes good meat sticks from bad. I suppose I could just use my personal opinion, and then eat a bunch of meat sticks and refine it from there.

Still, it's kinda hard to fit the meat sticks into my beef jerky diet. If I did that, then I'd have to rename the diet to "meat snack diet". I dunno, that sounds too watered down.

Good news! A friend of mine says he found my camera. He accidentally took it home with him from the Christmas party, thinking it was his. We were all buzzed that night, so I'm surprised no one went home with wrong wives.

Lost my Digital Camera!

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds, up 6 pounds from Saturday.

Saturday I attended a Christmas party. It was pot luck. There's was tons of diet-wrecking decadence there, stuff like tamales, enchiladas, pork ribs, pulled pork, cookies, chips, cheesecake. It goes on and on. I pretty much drank wine the night long.

Then on Sunday, I went back to my friend's house, he's the guy who hosted the party, and had some leftovers. Then I went to another friend's house, and ate some of his leftover macaroni & cheese, and watched a football game with him.

I couldn't believe I gained 6 pounds over those two days. I'm glad I didn't breach the 180 pound mark.

However, at that Christmas party I lost my digital camera. I use that camera for all my blogging. That means, I can't write my beef jerky reviews, because I can't take photos of beef jerky! My wife already planned to buy me a new digital camera anyways, but she won't let me have it until Christmas.

I'm thinking of using her digital camera instead. But since I don't have that camera's driver installed on my laptop, I have to download the photos on her laptop, and transfer them to mine. But on top of that, she has a totally different camera, and I don't know anything about its features.

I spent quite some time mastering my beef jerky photo shoots, working with the lighting to get bright-white backgrounds, and extremely still digital macro close-ups. I've been reluctant to practice with her camera, but I'm going to have to.

Bacon Cheeseburger Can Ruin a Diet

Weighed in this morning at 173 pounds, no change from the last weigh in.

Wednesday, my last report, it was supposed to be another beef jerky diet. But I ended up breaking it. What happened is my wife asked me to take her mom to the optometrist. So off I went. My mother-in-law ended up taking 2 hours in there. So to make it up to me, she offered to buy me a burger at Carl's Jr. I couldn't turn that offer down.

So I had their "Bacon Guacamole Six Dollar Cheeseburger", my favorite Carl's burger, with a large size Diet Coke. I still ended up having some jerky earlier that day, about 3 ounces of that leftover Buffalo Bill's Troi Oi Teriyaki.

I figured that cheeseburger would negate any potential weight loss I had hoped for, and sure enough, I weighed in on Thursday morning at 174, up one pound.

On that Thursday, I hooked up with some friends and rode our motorcycles to Enzo's BBQ in Oceanside, CA. I had the half-rack of St. Louis spare ribs, and a Diet Coke. I also had a beer later on that day. Then I came home, and ate the remaining corn chips and salsa.

Oddly enough, I weighed in Friday morning at the same weight, 174.

But on that Friday, I had only 1.5 ounces of jerky, two cans of V8, and one can of Diet Coke, as well as 8 ounces of baby carrots left over from Thanksgiving, along with some ranch dip. That brought me back down to 173 pounds.

Today, we're going to a Christmas party. It's a potluck, so there's going to be tons of food and drink there. It's going to be one of those parties that a dieter like me has to prepare for several days in advance. I had hoped to slim down to about 171 pounds by today, just because I knew this party would put a few pounds back on. We'll see how bad things turn out.

How to Make Your Clothes Shrink

Weighed in this morning at 173 pounds, down two pounds from yesterday.

Yesterday I had about 4 ounces of jerky, two cans of Diet Coke, two cans of V8, and the last slice of my wife's apple-cherry pie.

Earlier, I talked about needing to buy new t-shirts since the ones I have are too big for me. But I decided to see if I could shrink my existing t-shirts in the wash. So I dumped several of them into the washing machine, and set the water to hot. Then I tumbled them dry, on hot, for about an hour. I tried them on this morning, and most do seem to be a little bit smaller, only because they don't look as baggy as they used to. They're still probably a tad large, but ok for now.

So, I think I'm going to stick with that. I only did it with my XL sized shirts. I'll probably do it with my jeans as well.

Big Bags of Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 175, down a pound from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had about 3 ounces of turkey jerky, and some leftover cherry tomatoes and baby carrots from Thanksgiving, along with a slice of my wife's apple-cherry pie. And 2 cans of Diet Coke.

The past couple of days I haven't written any beef jerky reviews because I was finishing up a couple of big bags of jerky. I still had a few pieces of the 16 ounce bag of Buffalo Bill's Spicy Snafu, and some left over of the 8 ounce Pacific Gold Turkey Tenders. So, I'll get back to eating new stuff today, which will likely include another big bag of something.

Eat, Poop, Lose Weight

Weighed in this morning at 176 pounds. Down one pound from the last report on Friday.

That Friday I had stayed on the beef jerky diet, and by Saturday morning, I got myself down to 175 pounds.

But on that Saturday, I did my normal round of eating. I had a breakfast burrito, a small caesar salad and medium sized pizza, with about 5 cans of Diet Coke. That sent my weight up to 180 pounds at Sunday morning's weigh in. That afternoon, I had a 1/2 pound cheeseburger, fries, a fried zucchini stick, two large coffees, and two beers.

I kinda surprised to weight in at 176 pounds this morning. I figured I would be up over 180, like 182 or 183. But I guess much of that weight gain over the weekend was liquid.

I also had a nice big poop Sunday evening. Maybe that's where all the weight was. I guess I was just full of s***.

Social Conformity and Weight Gain

Weighed in this morning at 177 pounds, up two from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had the fish & chips at Shakespeare's Pub in San Diego. Some friends and I rode our motorcycles there for lunch. I had the full dinner-size, everyone else had the lunch-size. I also threw down two beers there. The food is really good there, even the french fries are awesome.

From 2008-12-04 Shakespeare Pub

Later on, we stopped at Barley & Hops in Temecula, and I drank another beer, and then a cream soda, and helped a guy eat his pizza. And then there was the pretzels and hummus.

For the past few years, the people that I ride with have always commented that we're an eating club with a riding problem. They've all mentioned themselves having gained weight because of getting together and riding motorcycles. I've also gained weight, up until I started this diet.

It's the pressure (or temptation), of getting together with your friends, and having a good time hanging out. So when we're at a restaurant or bar, we all conform and order up some food and drink that would totally ruin our diets. It's the temptation of wanting to celebrate this friendship together, the comraderie, the brotherhood, of bonding together.

That's part of what makes it tough for people to lose weight; doing as your friends do, when in their company.

It seems like every diet plan ought to accomodate this. If a plan allows one to satisfy their urges to eat, drink, and be merry, it makes the overall dieting easier to withstand. Imagine me eating only beef jerky 7 days a week, and nothing else. I'd go absolutely nuts, and would find myself abandoning the diet.

Instead, I do four days on beef jerky, and three days resorting back to my gluttonous ways. In reality, those three days are not always spent gorging. Sometimes, I still eat moderately, or eat something low in fat. It all balances out over the course of a month to give me a weight loss ranging from 0-7 pounds.

I actually lose about 5.4 pounds per month since the 8 months I've launched this blog. There were a couple of months where I lost no weight, and some months where I lost as high as 7 pounds. I'm still giving myself plenty of opportunities to gorge on bacon, beer, pizza, etc. That helps to mitigate the desire to eat.

Fish & Chips Weight Loss Day

Weighed in this morning at 175 pounds, down two from yesterday.

That's my lowest weight since going on the beef jerky diet. Yesterday, I had 6 ounces of jerky, two cans of Diet Coke, and two cans of V8. I also snacked on some chips and salsa, but not much.

Today, some friends and I are riding motorcycles to Shakespeare Pub & Grill in San Diego for some fish and chips. The past few days I've been thinking about fish and chips, and can't seem to get it off my mind. So, I plan to eat enough fish and chips, probably more fish than chips, so that I won't have to think about it for awhile.

I also some television commercials last night for Budweiser's new "American Ale", and it looked so good. I'm not necessarily a Budweiser fan, though I've liked their Bud Lime beer. But, I'm also going to stop at Barley & Hops in Temecula afterwards and suck down a couple of beers.

Clothes Are Getting Too Big

Weighed in this morning at 177 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday, ate about 7 ounces of jerky, 4 cans of Diet Coke, 1 bottle of sweetened iced tea, and a slice of apple pie.

All of my XL sized shirts are too big for me now. I've seen some photos of me wearing these shirts, and they look baggy. While I would go out and buy new sets of shirts, I'm hesistant because money is still tight.

My heavy leather jacket is too big also, and buying a new one is out of the question considering the average price is around $200.00.

Someone needs to come up with a laundry detergent that causes cotton fabrics to shrink a full dress size.

The Apple Pie Diet

Weighed in this morning at 177 pounds, down two from yesterday.

Yesterday I had 7 ounces of jerky, along with 3 cans of Diet Coke, and a slice of apple pie.

It's actually an apple cherry pie that my wife made. She makes the crust without salt, substituting it with cinnamon. The crust doesn't quite have that satisfying taste compared to one with salt, but I don't necessarily need more salt anyways. It's the pie filling I'm mostly interested in.

That was actually the second consecutive day I had a slice of pie, and the second consecutive day I lost some weight. So now I'm wondering, should I start the "Apple Pie Diet"?

Well folks, my weight loss goal for December is to finish at 172 pounds. It'll be another tough one because we still have lots of Thanksgiving leftovers to finish, and I hate throwing away good food. I also have a Christmas Party to attend in the middle of the month, and of course my wife is planning another huge Christmas Day dinner. I'm not sure about New Year's Eve yet, but I'll probably be doing some drinking.

A Pound of Bacon is Worth a Pound of Cure

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds. Down a pound from my last report.

For the month of November, that gives me a net loss of 6 pounds.

In the last report, I said I was spending this past weekend on a motorcycle camping trip in the Sierras. I went and a had great time. Kennedy Meadows is a beautiful area nestled in the southern Sierras, along Sherman Pass Rd. At this time of the year, hardly anyone goes camping up there. The three of us set up our camp, and didn't hear a peep out of anyone else.

That first day, I had some jerky, and probably ate about 4 ounces worth total. But I also had a bagel with butter, and what amounted to about 6 ounces of salami. I also had several handfuls of mixed nuts. I also had a couple of regular Cokes, along with three beers, and some Jack Daniels.

I also ate down an entire pound of bacon. I brought the bacon so that we all could hang them on the ends of sticks, and roast them over the campfire. But no one was interested. And this was Maple Sugar Bacon! I roasted one over the fire, and got it to where I like it, soft, chewy, at its height of flavor. The guys absolutely grossed out. Apparently, they like crispy bacon. I ate the whole package myself.

The next day, Sunday, I ate about 3 ounces of jerky, some more mixed nuts, and two bottles of regular Coke. Then we packed up camp, and continued on our ride up the Sherman Pass. I didn't really eat anything more on the trip, until I got home. That's when I had the leftover greenbeans from Thanksgiving, some celery sticks and ranch dressing, and a slice of apple pie.

To think that I could lose 1 pound after eating all that, I guess I'm ecstatic.

From 2008-11-30 Sherman Pass Ride (Steve's)

From 2008-11-30 Sherman Pass Ride (Steve's)

From 2008-11-30 Sherman Pass (Mike's)

From 2008-11-30 Sherman Pass (Mike's)

From 2008-11-30 Sherman Pass (Mike's)

From 2008-11-30 Sherman Pass (Mike's)

The Worst Time to Diet

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds. Up two from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had lunch at PH Woods, a BBQ joint in Moreno Valley. I had a 1/2 burger, fries, and what amounted to two beers. Then stopped by a friend's house, and had another beer.

Later that night, I had the leftover cranberry sauce, tomatoes and cucumbers, and a cupcake. Along with another beer.

So basically, it's not just the Thanksgiving Day dinner that puts on weight, but the long aftermath. I suppose it was also the 1/2 burger and beers that I drank. But we have so many leftovers in the fridge, that I can forsee dieting becoming difficult. Either I have to eat it all, or throw it out. And since we're trying to exist on fewer dollars, looks like I'll be eating it all.

I'm going to have to parse it out in smaller amounts.

Today, I'm heading out on a two-day road trip up to Lake Isabella. Me and a couple other guys are riding our motorcycles up Hwy 395, to a tiny campground called Kennedy Meadows, located in the Sierras, off of Sherman Pass Rd. It's going to get super cold there.

The next day will be spent riding the rest of Sherman Pass Rd, and then exploring some of the other roads around Lake Isabella.

I'm bringing the rest of that one pound bag of jerky from Buffalo Bills called, "Dead Meat - Snafu Spicy". That's basically my dinner. Although, I'm also bringing a package of bacon to roast over the campfire. I also have a six pack of regular Coke.

For those of you following the beef jerky review blog, the next newest review should publish sometime Monday afternoon.

Thanksgiving Day Weight Gain

Weighed in this morning at 178 pounds. Up two from yesterday.

Well, I managed to do well in the weight gain department, that is, mitigating it. I did gorge! Two plate fulls of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, dinner rolls, cranberries, and gravy. Not to forget, the chips, salsa, crackers, cheese, and deli meats that I ate as snacks before that.

And then heaping slice of pumpkin cheese cake with whipped cream.

And the two beers.

And the two screwdrivers I made.

I had figured I'd probably hit 180 pounds.

If I can end this month at 178 pounds, I'll be happy because that would put me at a net weight loss of 7 pounds for the month.

Thanksgiving Day Dieting

Weighed in this morning at 176 pounds, down another pound.

It's not quite the 175 pounds I had hoped to hit by Thanksgiving, but it's still progress. 176 is the lowest weight since going on this diet. Yesterday, I had 7 ounces of jerky, and 5 cans of Diet Coke.

Today I get to gorge on all the food my wife made. She got up early to make the stuffing and put the bird into the oven.

There's just tons of carbs here for me to eat, with the pies, the cheesecake, the yeast rolls, the stuffing, the potatoes. Since I'm trying to diet, I guess I would try to eat more turkey than anything else. But this stuffing my wife made is actually from her grandmother's recipe, and involves a lot of work. She had to tear apart several loaves of bread, slice up sausage, cut up onions, even work in some oysters, and then mix everything by hand. There's just no way I can avoid eating that after she put so much work into it.

The most I have to be thankful for is that I have a wonderful wife, who has supported me and loved me no matter how fat or skinny I've been. She's one of the few remaining in my generation that still takes Thanksgiving seriously, and spends several days cooking and baking up a feast. She even bought the pumpkins fresh to make the pie and cheesecake; no canned stuff here. In past years, when I suggested going out for dinner on Thanksgiving, she looks at me with an angry face, as if I had just spoken blasphemy.

They say that love means never having an empty stomach. Well on days like these, love means never going on a diet.

Resisting Temptation to Eat

Weighed in this morning at 177 pounds, down another pound from yesterday.

Yesterday, I ate 6 ounces of jerky, plus 4 cans of Diet Coke. I didn't do any exercise, but I did mow the lawn if that counts.

All afternoon and evening long, the wife was in the kitchen cooking up food for this Thanksgiving. Mostly pies. She made a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, a pumpkin cheese cake, some cupcakes, and some dinner rolls. I so badly wanted to eat some of it. She even offered me the cupcakes or dinner rolls.

Those dinner rolls are basically the "yeast rolls" that they serve up at a Roadhouse Restaurant. If you could only smell them when they come out of the oven!

But I did a pretty good job of just staying out of the kitchen, and staying in my office, except to mow the lawn.

She also has oatmeal raisin cookies in there too, and those are my favorite cookies. Normally, I would have eaten them all. But I did pretty good to resist temptation.

I don't know if I'm totally in control of my desire to eat, but I'm definitely in more control than I was a few years ago. If anything, that's where my weight loss progress stems from, controlling the desire to eat. The beef jerky is just a low-carb, low-fat, food that helps me lose weight. It's really about training yourself to stick to the diet.

Obviously, the simplest way to lose weight, is to stop eating so much. If we could all do that, then no one would make a million dollars on the next dieting fad. Before I started the beef jerky diet, I actually spent a few years training myself to change habits. It's not as simple as just eating beef jerky. You could certainly replace your other food with beef jerky, and I'm sure you'll lose weight. But it's the discipline of sticking to your diet regimen that the success stems from.

Sodium Free Beef Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 178 pounds, down two from yesterday.

Limited myself to 5.13 ounces of jerky that day. Two cans of Diet Coke was all that I drank. So, I think some of that weight loss was just losing excess water.

I think jerky manufacturers ought to come up sodium free jerky. Looking at my website stats, I see that people continue to search Google for it. As far as I can tell, such a product doesn't exist.

Obviously, meat contains sodium naturally. So I think what people want is "no sodium added" jerky. How would you go about making it? I think by definition, jerky has to have salt, or else it wouldn't cure, and it wouldn't remain shelf-stable. It would have to be sold in the refrigerated section, and eaten immediately.

I'm not a food scientist, so I don't really know how to go about preserving meat.

Sounds like there are people with specific health needs who still want to eat beef jerky. But if you're going to eliminate sodium, then you'll probably have to accept some other chemical or nutrient that threatens your health in some other way. There's give and take in everything.

Stuff like this makes me want to go back through my beef jerky review blog, and re-tag all the articles in terms of sodium levels, like "high sodium", "medium sodium", and "low sodium". I've also thought about "hot", "medium-hot", "medium", etc...

Pigging Out and Losing Weight

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds. Up one pound from the last weigh in on Friday.

On Saturday morning, I had actually weighed in at 177 pounds. But that afternoon I did some motorcycle riding on a Christmas Toy Run that started in Oceanside and ended at Pauma Casino. I had a few donuts in Oceanside, and then had a roast beef sandwich with Sun Chips, and water. I did have a beer afterwards at Pauma Tavern.

And that evening, the wife and I went to Onami in Escondido, and I pigged out on sushi and sashimi.

Sunday, I weighed in at 179 pounds. Did some more motorcycle riding, this time up to Idyllwild, and had some chili cheese fries and a Diet Coke. Then rode into Hemet to attend a friend's "divorce party". I had a bunless burger, and two bunless hot dogs. But I also had three beers, a regular Coke, and several chips and dips and munchies galore.

Well, I didn't lose weight, despite the title of this article. But I'm happy I didn't gain more weight. I now have today, Tuesday, and Wednesday to drop down to 175. Thursday is of course, Thanksgiving and my wife is cooking up the traditional spread. Why 175? I don't know, just sounds like I need to be there so that pigging out on Thursday won't be put me back up to 180 again.

Too Much Liquids

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds.

The past few days since the last blog post has been up and down. But I think I figured out part of my problem in tracking my weight, liquids.

On days when I gain 3-4 pounds, it's because I drank a lot of liquids the day before, and still have a lot left in me. On days when I drop 3-4 pounds, it's because I didn't drink enough.

So yesterday, I had four full sized cups of Diet Coke in the afternoon. That probably amounted to 8 cans. But by around 5:00pm, I stopped drinking liquids, and didn't drink anything else up until this morning's weigh in. Throughout that evening I continued to pee and pee, and then had another long pee when I got out of bed this morning. I actually dropped a pound from the last blog post.

Water loss is not true weight loss, because you're not losing fat. But it does help me understand the role of water in explaining the strange gains and losses in weight.

But specifically with the beef jerky diet, you do need lots of liquids to help flush the sodium out. So, I think I'll continue drinking lots.

Losing Weight Via Dehydration

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, down 4 pounds from yesterday.

I ended up tossing out my beef jerky diet day yesterday. I started out with some smoked elk, but just before I started eating it, my wife presents me with a couple of burritos she made. Since she already made them, I couldn't refuse, and of course I couldn't refuse because she made them for me.

So I poured a heaping helping of Cholula sauce and devoured them, and washed it down with a diet coke. I had to let that smoked elk sit for an hour afterwards, just to get the aftertaste of diet coke and Cholula sauce out of my mouth.

Aside from that I didn't eat anything else, nor did I exercise.

So, how in the heck did I lose four pounds yesterday? The best I can figure is that I limited my liquid intake. I think the reason why I gained the six pounds over Saturday and Sunday is because I loaded up on liquids, drinking plenty of diet Cokes, beers, margaritas, and even a tall can of Arizona Iced Tea. So I think yesterday, I limited my liquid intake to such a degree that I dehydrated myself to where I could drop more pounds.

So I think all I gained from Saturday, Sunday, and even yesterday, was actually two pounds in fat.

How To Ruin a Diet

Weighed in this morning at 184 pounds, up 6 pounds from last Friday.

The best way to ruin a diet is to eat lots of mexican food. Saturday, I had a "Macho Man Quesadilla" at Carlee's Cafe in Borrego Springs, and then on Sunday I had carnitas at La Cocina in Temecula. I also had two margaritas that Sunday.

But late on Sunday evening I also ate a pint of ice cream.

The carnitas and two margaritas at La Cocina were particularly appetizing! First, they threw in two whole roasted jalapeno peppers. I sliced them up and tossed them into the meat. I added added gobs of guacamole. For whatever reason, the two ice-cold margaritas tasted so much better when washing the carnitas down.

I was saddened to see that I had nearly wiped out all of my weight loss thus far in this month of November. But I did gain some pleasure eating all that food. I suppose that's why we live right? To have pleasure?

Eat Barbecue and Lose Weight

Weighed in this morning at 178 pounds, down a pound from yesterday.

Yesterday was my normal non-diet day. And I stayed true to the concept of "non-diet". I started out with lunch at Backwoods BBQ in Corona, having a few ribs, some slices of tri-tip, chili, cole slaw, and a roll. And while I waited for that food to come out, I snacked on salted peanuts. I was absolutely stuffed.

Later on in the day, I rode to Carlsbad, and hung out at Cafe Elysa with a large cup of mocha, and ate a small piece of strawberry cheesecake. Then in the evening, I stopped at a local tavern in Temecula, and drank down a 16oz beer.

Finally at home, later in the evening, I made myself a cape cod, but using pomegranate/lemon juice instead of cranberry.

I'm not sure how I lost a pound after all that, but maybe I chalk it all up to the mystery of riding a motorcycle. Somehow, it either makes me lose weight, or at least negates any heavy calories I consume.

Funny, when I woke up this morning, I dreaded getting on the scale because I figured I would have gained a few pounds. But I feel a lot better now.

And on an unrelated point, if you've been thinking about buying a beef jerky processing facility, it looks like Ranch Brand Jerky, LLC is for sale.

Back to an All Time Low

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds, down two pounds from yesterday. That matches my all time lowest weight since going on this diet.

Yesterday, I stuck to the beef jerky diet, but probably consumed my lowest volume of jerky, 4.5 ounces. I had one package at 1.5 ounces, and another at 3.0 ounces.

But the package of 3.0 ounces was this stuff from Riley's Jerky. It's very thick chunks of meat, that's quite hard. It took me probably three hours to eat through it all. You break off a small piece, and suck on it for awhile until it softens up enough to where you chew it. That review will show up in a few more days.

It might be a good diet jerky, because it contains zero salt, that's at least for this original variety anyways. It contains only 0.9 grams of carbs, and 4.5 grams of fat, for the entire package.

I also did a 2 mile walk with the dogs yesterday.

Today is my normal non-diet day. I'm set to go motorcycle riding with some friends to Backwoods BBQ in Corona, and totally destroy my weight loss with some ribs, chicken, beans, corn, bread, coleslaw, and whatever else I can cram down my throat.

Pauma Store & Tavern - Pauma Valley, CA

Weighed in this morning at 181 pounds, down one pound from yesterday. If you read below, I ate a hot dog, chips and salsa. Later on I had a banana split, and in the evening I had a half-pint of fruit sorbet.

Being it was Veterans Day yesterday, and that I gave myself the day off, the wife and I plus some friends rode motorcycles out to Pauma Store, which is soon to be named Pauma Tavern, in Pauma Valley, CA.

Pauma Store is now under new ownership, and the owners there, along with their neighbor, Scotty's Hot Dogs, are trying to market it as a biker bar, or at least they're trying to get the biker community to take notice of it. Rick, the guy who runs Scotty's Hot Dogs, was really nice enough to show me around.

From 2008-11-11 Pauma Tavern

Pauma Store was built in 1860 originally as a military outpost. It's basement was used as a hospital where surgeries were performed. Not too long after, it was converted into a bar, and has been a bar ever since. Somewhere along the way, John Wayne bought it, and operated it as part of his nearby ranch.

Most of us who motorcycles up and down Highway 76 don't even notice it.

For lunch, I ordered their spicy hot, hot dog. Rick also brought out tortilla chips and salsa. He later brought me a sample of his tri-tip, which I found to be really wonderful stuff. Very smoky, and very lean. It's actually pretty good with some of that salsa on it.

If you're a rider also, try stopping there for a bite to eat and a beer. The food prices are really cheap.

You'll find it on Highway 76, in northern San Diego County, about 4.1 miles east of the Pala Casino, and about 1/4 mile west of the Pauma Casino.

Meet The Jerky Dogs

Weighed in this morning at 182 pounds, up two from yesterday.

Yesterday, I started on the beef jerky diet, but ended up breaking it later in the evening. That evening I got word of some guys I had ridden motorcycles with were hanging out at Cafe Elysa in Carlsbad. So I cruised over there around 7:00pm, and drank a mocha with them. Then I got the munchies really bad and went to Pizza Port just a couple of blocks away, and ate a small jalapeno pizza and two beers.

But I did do a two-mile walk with the dogs yesterday.

And speaking of dogs, here's a photo of them...

beef jerky dogs
Anytime I review a jerky that gets a "dog treats" rating, this is where it ends up, in their bellies. And BTW, tomorrow on Best Beef Jerky I'll have a such a review published.

Max, the black & white dog, is some kind of mix. He's got the body of a miniature pinscher, the head of a chihuahua, and the coloration of a rat terrier. Mia, is the beagle, she's purebred.

While I'm always on a quest to finding the best jerky in the USA, those two are hoping that I'll find the worst.

Keeping the Weight Off

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, up one pound over the weekend.

Somehow I was able to keep the weight off (or at least only gain 1 pound), despite pigging out over Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday the wife and I went to an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant, and stuffed down as much sashimi and sushi as I could. It wasn't just all fish however, I had some marinated mushrooms, eggplant, teriyaki beef.

Sunday, I started out with two donuts, and then had a full rack of baby back ribs, with macaroni cheese, and beans, and three beers. Later that evening, I downed a pint of ice cream.

I think what helped keep the weight off was exercise. On Friday, I did a 3.7 mile walk with the dogs (I mapped it out on Google). Also on Sunday, I went motorcycle riding with some friends, doing a charity ride to a children's hospital. Most of that time was spent standing and walking through the hospital. I think I burned some energy just doing that.

Finally, I'm starting to wonder about the volume of liquid in my body. On days where I exercise more, I tend to drink more fluids, all the way up until I go to bed. So, I'm wondering if by morning's weigh-in, that saturation is adding an extra pound or two. Whereas on days I do not exercise, or go outside, I tend to drink less, and that leaves me partially dehydrated, making it appear as if I've lost more weight.

Down into the 170s

Weighed in this morning at 179 pounds, down a pound from yesterday.

Limited my consumption to just 6.0 ounces of jerky yesterday, but I didn't necessarily spread it out throughout the day as well as I did the day before. Also, no exercise.

Today, I have four packages of jerky to eat, each of them listed at 1 ounces. So, I'm going to see how well I can spread this around throughout the day, and try to get some walking in as well.

Also, I started wearing my size 34 denim shorts again this morning. They fit a lot better now. When my weight creeped up into the 183-187 range, I stopped wearing them.

Yesterday I wrote about the beef sticks that I still have laying around. Since I'm only eating about 4 ounces of jerky today, I may break open a package of sticks.

Last night was tough. I was watching some television before retiring to bed, and had the channel tuned into ESPN. Seems all the commercials were for food. One was a Carls Jr. breakfast burrito. Another was a hamburger for Ruby Tuesday. Another was a Chunky Soup. Another was a local indian casino and their buffet. I think I'm going to pig out this weekend.

Lost Three Pounds on Jerky

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, down three pounds from yesterday. That's my lowest weight ever since going on the diet.

And yesterday all I ate was jerky, about five and a half ounces worth. Read my reviews of Golden Valley Natural - Buffalo Teriyaki, and Wild Joe's Beef Jerky - Natural.

No exercise yesterday. The best I can figure it was eating this jerky all day long by having a little bit here and there spread out across 10-12 hours. I only drank diet Cokes.

I've been wondering about beef sticks, as opposed to beef jerky. Every now and then, a beef jerky company sends me samples of beef sticks in addition to samples of beef jerky. I can't really fit the beef sticks into my diet regimen, since I'm trying to limit it to jerky. If I added the beef sticks, I'd have to redefine the diet as "meat snack diet" as opposed to "beef jerky diet".

I also thought about expanding the beef jerky review blog by including beef sticks. So far, I'm still apprehensive about doing that. Any beef sticks that I've reviewed, I've published on Junk Food Blog, and if you've noticed, I haven't updated that blog very often.

Another thought was to build a separate blog just for beef sticks. That would probably be my first preference. But still, I can't really fit the beef sticks into my diet regimen. But maybe I could recruit someone to write the reviews for me? Maybe I could send that person free beef sticks on a regular basis? But no, I have my doubts that I can trust someone to consistently write beef stick reviews almost everyday.

For me, just writing beef jerky reviews is a lesson in consistency and reliability. As easy as it might sound to others, it eventually becomes rather trying over the long haul. I have to remind myself that I've made a committment to doing this, not just to my media business, but to the jerky manufacturers who sent me samples. I'm also saving myself a lot of money each month, by eating only the samples I've been sent, and not buying groceries from the store. And of course, I'm trying to commit to this weight loss plan. Those are the factors that keeps me going.

The question is, if I recruit someone to write beef stick reviews, will that person have similar factors that keep them writing reviews daily?

Getting Back on Track

This morning I weighed in at 183 pounds.

Even though I got back home yesterday from my week-long stay in Washington State, this morning was my first weigh-in since being back. All that week I feared my weight would balloon into the 190s from dining out and being stuffed full from my parent's cooking.

For all it know, it probably did balloon into the 190s.

But while I was working on my rental property, mainly a bunch of cleaning and painting, I ate only jerky. I'd pick up a bag in the morning, and just take a piece of it as the day went on. That's all I ate during the day, plus some diet Coke. So, a combination of physical work and just one bag of jerky, obviously did well to counter any pounds I was putting on.

But I did break the beef jerky diet in the evening. I simply could not resist the temptation of going out for a steak, or some beers, or denying the great cooking of my father and step-mother.

I kinda knew that any weight gain I put on in the evenings I could work off the next day by doing more physical work and limiting my consumption to just jerky.

As far as the month of October is concerned, I don't really know exactly what my total weight-loss was, since I didn't have a scale available to me on the 31st. But I left for Washington at 187 pounds, and was 183 pounds this morning, so I'm going call it as 185 pounds, just to put it in the middle.

If that's the case, then I had a net weight-loss of zero for the whole month of October. I also started September at 185 as well. So actually, a net of zero for those two months.

Beef Jerky All The Way Home

I left Renton, WA yesterday morning (Monday), but actually headed north into Seattle to make my stop at the Oh Boy! Oberto factory store. Now, I know what you're thinking, why would I be so interested in Oberto jerky? Well, it's mostly curiosity to see what kind of stuff is in there, and also to find material for my beef jerky review blog.

It's located on the corner of Rainier Ave and Massachusetts Ave, right by the I-90 off ramp.

I thought it was cool that they sell hot dogs (served hot off the grill on a bun) made from their own sausages. I didn't buy one though. Instead, I bought several bags of jerky that I've not been able to find anywhere else. I'll be reviewing it over the next month or so. They also sell Oberto t-shirts and toys. I didn't buy any.

But I really need to print up some business cards with my beef jerky review blog on it, because in that store I saw others like me, buying up bags of jerky galore. I'd love to make them regular readers.

I also stopped at a few other stores in the Seattle and Renton areas, just to wander inside and see what unique brands of jerky they sell. I bought up several brands there as well.

And then, I headed for home.

I specifically wanted to stop in Yreka, and pick up more bags of that Riley's Beef Jerky. And I did so. But there, I also found another brand called "Mt Shasta Jerky". I bought the peppered and the original flavor. I ate the peppered while driving, and found it to be really good. It gave off a strong natural meat flavor that tasted almost exactly like the outer portion of prime rib.

Elsewhere along the way, I bought up bags of plain old Oh Boy! Oberto jerky, but just for eating while driving. Most of those gas stations don't sell much else other than Oberto and Jack Link's.

I got home early this morning, and starving. I drove straight though, over 1,200 miles with no rest, taking about 20 hours, and with an aching butt. Naturally, you'd think that I'd hit the sack when I arrived home. Nope. I took the wife out to breakfast at IHOP, and had me an omelette and pancakes.

THEN I drove to my polling station and voted. THEN I went home and took a nap.

Tapas and Beer

Day 6 here in Renton, WA. Last we went to this place called "The Red House" in downtown, and had "tapas and beer". Tapas is a spanish word for appetizers. I was kinda perplexed how my father shifted from using the word "munchies" to "tapas". I told him too much of the neo-liberal culture in Seattle has tainted the blue-collar roots that he grew up with in Renton.

So I had a beer there, and indulged in some of those "tapas", which was basically chipotle deviled eggs, and some pickled jicama. I know, it's not quite the buffalo wings and nachos that I'd typically order in my native Southern California, but then again, Renton ain't that blue-collar town it used to be.

After that, we drove to Stamford's, a higher-class Americana restaurant in nearby Tukwila. I had a rib-eye steak, which came with a loaded potato and asparagus. The steak was awesome. I also threw down a bloody mary, and had the "bag of donuts" for dessert, which consisted of square-shaped donuts, with powdered sugar and cinnamon, with a cup of dipping chocolate. That too, was very delish.

Side Note: I think I'm going to stop using the words "Diet Log" in the title of these posts. It's too repetive from day to day and doesn't really tell you anything. I'll still have the "Diet-Logs" label at the bottom of the post.

Diet Log - November 1, 2008

I would normally tell you at the first of the month how much weight I loss for the previous month, but I don't have access to a scale while I'm up here in Washington State, at least not one where I can get naked.

My guess is that I haven't lost much weight in the past five days since I've been up here.

But I'm doing better the past couple of days in controlling my urges to eat. I've managed to stick to a bag of jerky each of the two days all day long as I worked on my rental property. Though, in evenings my folks tend to spoil me with food galore.

Right now, I just finished up another day of cleaning and painting and my feet are tired.

A fresh coat of paint will make any house look ten times better. I did a lot of cleaning too, the floors, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the refrigerator. Installed new locks, put in new carpet. My previous renters had been in there for 22 years; there was a lot of "muck" to clean up. I hope I don't have to repeat this everytime renters move out, at least not to this degree.

Tonight, we're supposed to head out to this mexican joint in town for drinks and appetizers. I'm really hungry.

Diet Log - October 31, 2008

Day 4 here in Renton, WA. Last night the folks took me out to Bella Napoli, a little italian restaurant in downtown Renton. Great food, but really fattening stuff. Visiting relatives can really put the weight on you.

Losing weight is actually rather easy, it's sticking to the committment that's tough. Getting over the temptation is also tough. I'm still not over it, or else I would have eaten lighter stuff while I've been up here.

Talked to the wife on the phone yesterday, and she said I received a couple packages of sample jerky, but I didn't catch what brands they were.

I've got more work to do on my rental property. Most of it should be finished by today. I'm guessing I'll probably head home this Monday.

Diet Log - October 29, 2008

Day 2 up here in Renton, WA. Spent all day painting the interior of my rental property. This place needs tons of work, but I don't have the money to do all of it. Just going to do the cheap and easy stuff for now.

This morning I stopped at a grocery store, and found several varieties of jerky from Tillamook Country Smoker. I bought their sweet & spicy variety, and it tastes good, but not really all that sweet or spicy. Before I drive back home, I'll remember to buy up a few review samples.

I've been thinking. While I up here, I'm going to make a stop at the Oh Boy! Oberto factory store and check stuff out, they're actually about a 30 minute drive from my rental property.

While I've been up here, my father and step-mother have been treating me to lunch and dinner. Not so much my father because he's going through his cancer treatment stuff, but my step-mother. She loves fine dining and has either cooked up some great dishes, or has been taking me out to great places. I'm going to be putting on lots of pounds.

Diet Log - October 28, 2008

I don't have a weigh-in to report because I don't have a scale with me.

I left home Monday afternoon from my home in Menifee, and drove up to Renton, WA to do some work on my rental property. My dad is normally my property manager up here, but he's undergoing cancer treatment.

I pretty much drove straight through, stopping only for gasoline. I ended up having to pull into a few rest stops to get some 30 minute naps. I found it difficult to keep my eyes open.

Before I got on the road, I stopped at a Big Lots store in Lake Elsinore, and bought a couple bags of jerky. One was an Oh Boy! Oberto turkey teriyaki, and the other was a NASCAR branded beef jerky. The Oberto turkey was not bad, but still rather mediocre. What I liked about it was that it was full of flavor, free of sodium nitrite, and sold for only $3.50 for a 4 ounce bag. That really made it great buy, and could easily become my jerky staple for dieting.

That NASCAR branded jerky another offering from Monogram Meat Snacks, which also makes the Jeff Foxworthy Jerky and the Winchester Jerky. It's also the same exact jerky as those other two brands. It's got a strong natural meat flavor, but is rather salty, and not necessarily good tasting, though not necessarily bad.

About halfway through the trip, I bought a bag of Jack Link's Sweet & Spicy Thai. It had a good taste, but not very sweet. It's only somewhat spicy, and did have a taste that you might find in a Thai restaurant. But it has ZERO natural meat flavors.

I also picked up a bag of Riley's Jerky at a gas station in Yreka, CA. This one was flavored as Jalapeno. It had a decent jalapeno taste, but not hot at all. It was tough to tear apart and chew, and very hard. It was also rather salty. But it still had a great taste, though somewhat light on the natural meat flavors. Of all the jerky I had on the drive up, I enjoyed Riley's the most. I'm going to pick up more bags on the way back and do a detailed review.

Diet Log - October 27, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 187 pounds, up five pounds from Friday.

Like I said in the last report, I'll be having to travel up to Washington State to deal with my rental property. I'm planning to go this afternoon. I probably won't be writing much beef jerky reviews while I'm up there, but I'll see if I can some time in the evenings.

So, on Friday night I took the wife out Buffalo Wild Wings to play some NTN trivia and eat some wings. Then went over to this irish pub where they have live music and dancing. Then finished up with some dessert at a Denny's.

We also attended a friend's birthday party on Saturday, and we won't discuss how much I consumed there.

Sunday, went riding with some friends to Joshua Tree National Park, and did the usual assortment of eating.

That's how I gained five pounds.

SlimBeans - Drink Coffee & Lose Weight?

slimbeans weight loss coffeeThe manufacturer of "SlimBeans" contacted me yesterday about their product. They say its coffee beans that contains some herbs that help you lose weight.

Here's what their website says...

SlimBeans' proprietary blend of all-natural, herbal ingredients helps promote healthy weight loss and optimal body composition. It assists in suppressing appetite, supports healthy blood sugar levels, boosts metabolism, and increases energy and focus.

Whether you enjoy it before work to keep your metabolism revved all day and your mind sharp, before a workout for a fat-burning boost, or just because it's great tasting coffee with added health benefits, you can be sure that SlimBeans is a positive addition to your healthy lifestyle and weight loss efforts.

It's not beef jerky, I know. But since you're probably also here to learn about weight loss, and you could very well be a coffee drinker, I thought I'd pass the message along.

Diet Log - October 24, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 182 pounds. No change from last report.

Went riding yesterday with some friends. At lunch at Ramona Cafe, a little place in Ramona, CA that's apparently known for large portions of food. Had the Spanish Omelette, which came with potatoes and tortillas. I very stuffed. That was all I ate that day, excluding the two beers after the ride.

Got some bad news this morning. The rental property I'm trying to sell ain't gonna sell. The buyers backed out after the appraiser decided it needed a new roof, and the lender backed out also because there's a shack in the backyard that's so rickety that they see it as a liability. And since I don't have the money for the fixes, I gotta figure out how to increase my business income, and what to do with that thing.

I probably have to cut back on riding and dining out some more.

My rental property is near Seattle, WA. I'll likely have to travel up there soon. Probably tear down that shack in the backyard, and do some cleaning up in the house, and look for new renters. Then somehow, come up with the money for a new roof.

Diet Log - October 23, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 182 pounds, up 1 from yesterday.

And yesterday, I met with some friends that I ride motorcycles with for a "bike night", where we ride our bikes to a bar somewhere and hang out all night long. So, I had a few beers, and ate a medium sized pizza. It was a "pulled pork pizza", and was very yummy. I was stuffed.

That was all I ate that day, minus a bag of jerky in the morning.

I also did a two-mile walk in the afternoon.

Today, I'm going riding again, this time to Ramona, for lunch. So, this is my normal non-diet day anyways.

Diet Log - October 22, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 181 pounds, down a couple from yesterday.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday. No exercise though.

It's supposed to be another beef jerky diet day today, but I've set up a get-together with some of friends of mine this evening. So I'll be indulging in some gluttony tonight. Maybe some exercise today is in order to help mitigate the effects.

Not helping, is my wife spending all day yesterday baking cookies, pies, and other sweet cococtions. I found myself gazing at the oatmeal raisin cookies. She knows that's a particular weakness of mine. I sometimes wonder if she's secretly trying to break my dieting will, or if she's just baking them to do something special for me.

I found myself resisting the urge to eat those cookies. Those cookies were still warm from the oven too. Still, someone is going to have to eat them, I know she won't. Our budget has shrunk down to a smaller level, so I don't tolerate food-waste anymore. I guess I'm in a dilemma.

Diet Log - October 21, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 183 pounds.

The past week was another roller coaster. From my last diet log of 180 pounds, I shot up to as high as 185 pounds. It's SO easy to pack on the pounds.

That Wednesday after the last diet log, I tried to stay on the beef jerky diet, but found myself feeling kinda "jittery", and the thought of Mexican food kept creeping into my mind. If you recall, the wife kept temping me that morning with having lunch at Rodrigo's in Temecula. I finally gave in to the temptation that evening.

The rest of the week was spent either binging on food, or trying to stay true to the beef jerky diet, but giving into the temptation. Honestly, topping out at 185 pounds isn't that bad considering how much I ate.

But yesterday, I was able to keep with the beef jerky diet, and even did some work by mowing the lawn, and pulling weeds. The old habits of wanting to eat whenever I get bored were creeping into my mind, but I was able to shake it off.

Despite all the progress I've made in losing some 40 pounds since the beginning of this year, I still have those demons tempting me to binge. It really isn't about what you eat that helps you lose weight, it's about controlling the desire to eat, exercise. A whole new lifestyle change.

But it's hard to change your lifestyle after you've built up so much around it. My wife, for example, isn't necessarily dieting. She's actually kinda flustered over the fact that we're not going out to eat as often. My wanting to diet isn't making her much happy.

I've tried to accomplish something of a lifestyle change by launching my beef jerky review blog. I made the promise to write detailed reviews and offers links to any company that sent me free samples for review. That forces me to keep up on my end of the deal, and as long as I have jerky in my belly, I'm not eating a greasy bacon-cheese burger.

The beef jerky is more like a tool that keeps your belly satisfied while reduces your fat and carbohydrate intake to a minimum. It also tastes good and pleases your carnal desires to eat meat. Meanwhile, you have to do your diligence in exercising and creating new daily routines to replace the old ones.

Diet Log - October 14, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, down 3 pounds from yesterday.

I stuck to the beef jerky diet. Hey, I even took a two-mile walk with the dogs!

This morning, the wife tempted me by asking me out for lunch at Rodrigo's in Temecula. We have some "buy one get one free" coupons. I really struggled with this question. It's hard to resist their margaritas, chips and salsa, and all that cheesy mexican chow.

Conflicts started raging in head. First, I didn't want to deny my wife when she asks to spend some quality time together. But on the other hand, I'm on a diet! Second, we don't spend a lot of quality time because of my diet; I'm always sitting here eating jerky, or riding motorcycles with my friends. So, I start feeling guilty by saying "no" to her. But on the other hand, we've spent so much quaility time together over the last 20 years, which resulted in me getting up to as high as 240 pounds. I think it's ok that I spend a year or so, doing this beef jerky diet.

And then there's also the finances, we don't have all the money we used to have. These days, we're pinching pennies. But then again, we have those "buy one get one free" coupons. Again, conflicts.

So, she asked me again, and I said, "no, I'm trying to lose some weight". And she simply gave me a "ok" in a melodious tone, and went about her merry way. Sounds like she understands. But I guess that also puts me on notice that I still need to spend more time with her.

Diet Log - October 13, 2008

Weighed in this moring at 183 pounds, up 2 pounds from Saturday.

Saturday morning, if you recall I weighed in at 181 pounds. By Sunday morning I had shot up to 185 pounds. That day the wife and I visited San Diego for the day. We drove the car. We started out in Temecula having tacos for breakfast. When we got to San Diego, we had ice creams in Seaport Village. Then we finished the day with more mexican food in Old Town.

Sunday, I ended up riding my motorcycle all day with a friend. We rode out to Laguna Beach and had lunch at a mexican restaurant (another one). I had this huge carne asada burrito, smothered with cheese and red sauce, which was absolutely nummy. I also threw down a couple of margaritas. And there was chips, salsa, and guacamole too. But that was it for the day, and apparently enough to trim 2 pounds from Saturday.

So, how is that I could stuff myself with more mexican food on Sunday, and still lose two pounds? Like I wrote before, I rode my motorcycle all day. I tell you, there's something about it that makes me lose weight.

Today I'm shooting for an all-beef jerky day.

Diet Log - October 11, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 181 pounds, no change from yesterday.

I was supposed to be on the beef jerky diet yesterday, but didn't. I was scheduled to help this guy produce video interviews of candidates for our local school district board. I ended up being the interviewer. So, I was there from 2:30pm to 9:00pm, and he ordered some pizzas. That's what I had.

Today, the wife and I are planning to head down to San Diego for the day. Probably end up eating everything that tastes good but is bad for losing weight. So many good Mexican restaurants there in Old Town, and so many great seafood places on the waterfront.

Been trying to wear those size 34 denim shorts hoping they'd stretch out, but they're still rather snug.

Diet Log - October 10, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 181 pounds, up one pound from yesterday.

Being that it was my non-diet day yesterday, I gorged. Backwoods BBQ serves up some good BBQ. I had the ribs and tri-tip combo, which includes bread, potato salad, and beans. They also put out salted peanuts while you wait, and I had those too. That got me pretty full. Later on, we stopped at a bar and I had a beer.

Later in the evening, the wife and I and some friends hooked up for Happy Hour, and I had a few mojitos, some bread and some seared ahi tuna. They also passed out some free bite-sized pizzas. I had one of those too. When I got home, I was stuffed.

Glad to see that I only gained one pound.

It's supposed to be a beef jerky day today. But later on in the day I'm supposed to help someone produce some video interviews of our local school board. I'll be at their house all evening. So, who knows what will happen.

Diet Log - October 9, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Started on the beef jerky diet yesterday, but had to abandon it. Ended up eating some left overs in the fridge because they were getting old. A couple of weeks ago, the wife made some roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots. The chicken got finished off a week ago, but the potatoes and carrots were still around, threatening to go bad, so I ate it last evening.

I hate to waste food.

But at least I didn't gain weight.

However, today is my scheduled non-diet day. Going motorcycle riding, again, up to this BBQ joint in Corona. I heard it's pretty good. I wanna suck down some ribs, buttered corn on the cob, steak fries, cole slaw, BBQ beans. I wanna be bad, really bad!

Diet Log - October 8, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 180 pounds, down another pound.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

Ok, at 180 pounds, I tried on those jeans I talked about yesterday, and they seem to fit ok. Maybe just a tad too snug, but they don't necessarily hug my legs and butt and make me look like a refuge from the 80s. But, they're still snug enough that what fat I still have on my sides and gut hang over a little. So, while they'll stretch out if I wear them, I think I'll slim down a few more pounds before making them my daily wear.

BTW, I have several reviews in the queue at my beef jerky review blog. A beef jerky I review today might take a week or more until it publishes on the blog. I might write reviews for 3-4 varieties in one day, but I only publish one review per day. So you can imagine the backlog of reviews I have waiting to be published.

I think what I need to do is start eating jerky that I've already had before, so that I don't have to write reviews on them. If I can eat about 4-6 ounces of "mainstay jerky", and just 2-4 ounces of "review jerky", I can bring that backlog of reviews way down. So what I need is a cheap-jerky that I can eat on my diet days, that has no sodium nitrite, and still tastes good.

Bloody Mary Beef Jerky?

I like to review the keywords report on my traffic stats, just to see what people are typing into Google that got them to this blog.
bloody mary beef jerky
I don't have an article for this search phrase, so someone must have done some serious searching to find it.

BTW, there's actually "bloody mary beef jerky" being sold on Amazon.com...


A further search of Google shows that beef jerky and bloody marys are two foods that do get paired up from time to time.

That actually sounds like a good mixture. First, I do love bloody marys. Second, I love beef jerky. Third, I love spicy beef jerky. Fourth, I love spicy tomato juice. If someone can sell Jim Beam Beef Jerky, then they can sell this too.

You know, there isn't a beef jerky company out there that produces tons of limited edition flavors. For example, Jones Soda Co. always produces limited runs of really weird soda, like "Turkey & Gravy" or "Candy Corn". Jelly Belly is also known for off-the-wall jelly bean flavors. But there's no one doing this with beef jerky.

Jack Link's might be the closest, only that they have so many flavors out. I do like their co-branded stuff like A1 Steak Sauce, Louisiana Red Hot, and KC Masterpiece. But why not just get crazy, like "pickle juice", "new england clam chowder", or "mint chocolate"?

And where the heck is "wasabi beef jerky"? Seems like that should have been a no-brainer.

Diet Log - October 7, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 181 pounds. Down 2 pounds from yesterday!

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday, well kinda. Later in the evening I had some left over tomatoes (2) and cucumbers (4 slices). I sprinkled some salt on them, that was it.

181 pounds is my lowest weight ever since going on the diet. So, I'm glad to have charted new territory after all this up-and-down roller coaster stuff. It's another beef jerky day today, so I'm hoping to hit 180 pounds at tomorrow's weigh in.

About a month-and-a-half ago my wife bought me a pair of 34 waist jeans, because she figured I'd get small enough to fit them. At the time they were too tight. So I told her I'd start wearing them once I reach 180 pounds. That might be tomorrow! But I might wait until I get down to around 175, because I don't want to wear them if they still hug my legs; I mean, this ain't the 1980s.

Oh, and speaking of pants that don't fit. Remember that Mayor's Ball I went to on Saturday? We'll I was wearing a 36 waist pants, and it kept sliding down. I was getting embarrassed, I was on the floor dancing with my wife, and I kept having to pull them back up. I could feel my feet stepping on the pant legs. I guess if you're going to be uncomfortable wearing a monkey-outfit, you may as well get pants that are a tad too tight, just so that you don't have to keep yanking them back up all night.

Diet Log - October 6, 2008

Weighed in at 183 pounds this morning. Down one pound.

Saturday and Sunday were not beef jerky diet days. Saturday, went to a "Mayor's Ball" in my hometown. Earlier in that day, I did eat a package of jerky. But at the ball, I had some tri-tip, a chicken breast, potatoes, green beans, salad, and bread. I also had a couple glasses of wine, a couple of mixed drinks, and some M&Ms.

Sunday, did some motorcycle riding with my friends. We had lunch at Carlee's in Borrego Springs. I had a "Macho Man Quesadilla", packed with cheese, ground beef, and black beans, as well as a salad. I had a diet Coke there. Later on we stopped Paradise Corners up in the Santa Rosa mountains, and I had a diet Coke. Then stopped for a beer in Temecula. In the evening, I took the wife out to a Bob's Big Boy in Temecula, and I had a banana split.

Both days I consumed far more fat and carbs than I would do on a beef jerky day. So, I don't know how I lost the one pound.

A friend of mine and I were talking while having that beer in Temecula, he's a programmer. He does a lot website work using a platform called Drupal. I've heard of Drupal, but never looked at it. But after hearing him talk about it at length, I'm going to have to investigate. He's actually really big into salsa (the food, not the dance), and he's launching a salsa site. He can analyze salsa in such great detail, the way I can do with jerky. I told him he could totally get all the salsa manufacturers to send him free samples.

Diet Log - October 4, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 184 pounds.

The past several weeks, I've just been going up and down, and not really coming out with a net loss. The beef jerky diet has largely cancelled out all the other food I've been pigging out on.

On the morning of October 1, I weighed in at 185 pounds, which is what I weighed on September 1. So, for the whole month of September, I had no weight loss. Though I guess I could argue that I also had no weight gain, but then it's not any closer to my goal of 160.

If you've been following my beef jerky review blog you can see I'm still eating the stuff. For the past 30 days I've published a new review everyday. There's something like 145 reviews published there.

What I'll often do is eat 3-4 packages in a single day, with a total daily consumption of about 6-10 ounces. Much of the jerky comes in small 2 ounces packages. Blogger let's me schedule the review into the future, so that I can write them all up in one day, and then future-date them for publishing. That's allowed me to cheat on the diet, because I can devote one day for beef jerky, and then spend the next 2-3 days off the diet.

Interestingly, I'm also receiving a lot of beef sticks for review. I don't really ask for them, because I can't fit it into my beef jerky diet. But then again, I'm thinking if there's a need for a "beef stick review" blog, why not create one? I'm also wondering if I should just review them on my beef jerky blog. I don't know though. I don't think I can lose weight on beef sticks.

Well, today is supposed to be another non-diet day. The wife and I are supposed to attend a Mayor's Ball in my home town. Our town incorporated into a city on October 1. She really wants to go. For me, I just don't like formal affairs.

Is Beef Jerky Good For You?

That's the question I'm seeing a lot in my server logs.

Server logs, or "website statsitics", will capture the search queries people entered into search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, when they click through to your website. So far, several people have searched Googled for something like "is beef jerky good for you", or some other similar phrase, and ended up clicking through to this blog.

All I can say is that it's very difficult to determine if ANY food is good or bad for you. All anyone can do, is eat what they feel like eating, and evaluate their quality of life, and how long they lived.

So, if you ate 10,000 cheeseburgers, and gained 150 pounds, then died at the age of 42 of heart failure, it's reasonable to say that cheeseburgers are bad for you.

But if you ate 10,000 cheeseburgers, and maintained an optimal weight, and are still healthy as an ox at the age of 42, then you might conclude that cheeseburgers are good for you.

Although, you could end up having a heart attack two years later and die, and all bets are off. You'll just never the know the answer until you die.

Recently in the news, a named Don Gorske went on record as having eaten 23,000 Big Macs since 1972. That's an average of 2 Big Macs everyday. He's 54 years old, and apparently is at an optimal weight, and feels perfectly healthy. Health food proponents have longed warned us that we will die an early death if we eat too many Big Macs. I guess 23,000 Big Macs is still not too many.

The truth is that each person is different.

By contrast, what if I asked the question, "Is lettuce good for you?". Not that long ago, there was an e-coli outbreak in lettuce. People died from it. You could argue that lettuce itself is fine, it was the e-coli poisoning that killed people. But not everyone died, and not everyone got sick. Some people can tolerate it better than others. That's my point.

You have to admit that beef itself is fine also. It's the e-coli, and/or whatever ingredients that's gets added to beef, that might pose a risk. But just as well, some people tolerate those ingredients better than others. I guess that guy who ate the 23,000 Big Macs, tolerates cholesterol and sodium a lot better than most.

A lot has been written about sodium nitrite in beef jerky. It's linked to colon cancer and lung disease. But sodium nitrite is also found in bacon, ham, and lunch meats. You've probably consumed far more sodium nitrite through those other foods than you have in beef jerky. And yet you're still alive enough to be reading this article.

What about MSG? I done a lot of reading on that, and I've yet to find conclusive studies showing that MSG poses any additional risk beyond that of plain old salt. There have been a lot of people complaining about a variety of ailments they believe is caused by MSG, but none of them have conducted studies to prove it. I'm not saying that MSG is ok, I'm just saying I have no hard facts to give you.

Eating nothing but jerky can pose some problems. First, it can cause constipation. That's why I limit the diet to four days a week, and spend the other three days getting in some veggies and fiber. Second, it overloads you with sodium. But it depends. That Don Gorske eating 2 Big Macs each day could be consuming more sodium than my beef jerky diet.

It's hard to say. Beef jerky can be good for you, but it can also be bad. But for that matter, ANY food in excessive quantities will pose risks and benefits, and it all varies on your body's tolerances. All I can say is to eat a bunch of jerky, and see if you die.

Quote of the Week

"I always held up Pemican as the benchmark for what a quality Beef Jerky should not only taste like, but also the mouth feel, and the lack of sinew."
This was posted this evening as a comment on my old review of World Kitchens Beef Jerky.

Hopefully my beef jerky review blog will help introduce folks like him to a whole new world of beef jerky.

Eat Like an Alpha

Oh Boy! Oberto has a new advertising campaign that beckons consumers not to be a sidekick, and instead "eat like an alpha".

Adweek shares the videos...


The people eating the jerky in these videos certainly do not come off looking like alpha males. They seem more geekish or nerdy. I think if eating jerky makes you into a leader type of person, they ought to use actors who are more convincingly.

I mean, if these are the kind of guys who eat Oberto, then maybe I ought to stop eating Oberto?

But hey, good for Oberto in getting some more airtime for the jerky industry. Now, if only these commercials actually do get airtime.

Diet Log - September 25, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 184 pounds.

The past couple of weeks have been up and down, ranging from 182 to 188. Attended some parties, motorcycle riding with my friends, and just giving in to the temptation to eat more food. Also no exercise.

Basically, I'm straying off course.

I'm probably a victim of my own success. The beef jerky diet plan I created for myself proved that I can lose a good deal of weight, hence I feel like I can cheat and still be able to trim it off if I need to.

That's actually a good thing, but only when I obtain my 160 pound goal. Until then I need to keep myself on a downward trend.

As far as the beef jerky review blog is going, it's gaining traffic continuously. I've got public traffic stats available for viewing at Quantcast...


I'm thinking next year, I'd like to attend some trade shows where beef jerky manufacturers set up vendor booths, and get to meet these people in person. I'd love to spend some time after the show having a beer or a dinner with them, and learning more about the industry. I'm not sure which trade shows they attend, as there doesn't seem to be a "meat snack trade show".

As for today, it's supposed to be another beef jerky day, but it won't look like it. Red Robin, the burger chain, sent us an invitation for free food, good for four people. The invitation is to help them train their employees at their newest store here in my hometown of Menifee. So today, I'll be gorging away on burgers and fries.

Riding Motorcycles and Weight Loss

Yesterday, I rode motorcycles with some friends. I've been riding for years now,

One thing I might add is that riding motorcycles does indeed help you lose weight. I haven't totally understood this, but I've learned it after years of riding. Other riders I've talked to agreed, that yes they've either lost some weight, or they balance out after eating a lot of food.

When you go riding with friends, what happens is that you make a lot of stops at places like restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc. And in these places, the riders tend to find a place to rest, to stretch their legs, and soothe their aching butts. They either sit down in an eatery, or stand in a shady spot of a gas station. And then, they consume stuff while they chat away. They'll do this 2-3 times through the day. So all through the day, their bodies are metabolizing food.

But they never really eat too much at any given stop, mostly because riding with a stuffed belly is not a great idea. First, it's not a comfortable feeling, but mostly because a full belly will make you feel drowsy. Not a good thing on a motorcycle. Much of the stuff we eat on rides are either convenience foods, or the basic American fare, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and of course, beer.

And then there's the dry air. When you're moving on a motorcycle, you're totally exposed to the outside, particularly if you have a tendency to wear very little safety gear (like me). The heat, and the dry air, will suck the moisture out of your body. Where I live, the air is dry, and it gets pretty hot. You could lose a couple of pounds just from evaporation.

And then of course, after a day of riding, I arrive home feeling tired. I don't think it's a physical exhaustion, but perhaps a mental one. Riding motorcycles requires a lot of thinking, antiticpating, measuring. You have to be on your toes at all times, because you don't have the safety of steel surrounding you like car drivers do. I'm wondering if using your brain burns up calories. That might explain why so many people don't use theirs.

Diet Log - September 12, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 182 pounds, down another pound.

Non-jerky day yesterday.

Rode motorcycles with some friends up to Idyllwild, and I had a half-pound burger with cheese, bacon, and everything, including all the french fries. Then we rode to Palm Springs, and had margaritas and chips & salsa. Then we rode up into the mountains and stopped at a Dairy Queen in Anza, where I had a small Blizzard. Then finished the ride in Temecula, with a beer.

And yet, I still lost a pound from yesterday.

Sometimes, I can stick to the beef jerky diet, and only maintain my weight, other days I can eat like a pig and still lose a pound. I know they always say it's a matter of "calories in versus calories out", but in that case it would be great if I could get a report showing how many calories I burned in each hour of the day, so that I could figure out what I was doing to burn them off.

Diet Log - September 11, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 183 pounds, down another pound.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

I tried on a size "Large" t-shirt this morning, and it actually fit. I haven't worn that size since I was in college.

Today is my normal non-jerky day. Heading up to Idyllwild, CA with some friends on motorcycles for lunch. Man, I really want a thick greasy bacon-cheese burger. I want one SO bad.

I've been writing to more jerky manufacturers, asking for samples to review. Most of them don't respond back. I notice myself reviewing their websites very carefully to see if they actually make their own jerky, or have it outsourced. I don't mind reviewing private-labeled jerky; it's just that it's hard for me to write a review on a jerky that I've already reviewed a couple of times before.

I imagine as time goes, it's going to get harder to find unique jerky. I'm hoping by that time my beef jerky review blog will become more familiar to the jerky insiders that I'll get more responses from manufacturers. I ought to think about attending some trade shows, except I'm not sure what trade shows jerky makers go to.

Diet Log - September 10, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 184 pounds. Finally broke through the 185 pound barrier!

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

Pictured below are ants on my desk. They're actually crawling all over a Grant's Ant Stake, sucking up as much delicious poison as they can lap up...

grant's ant stakes
Because I write a beef jerky review blog, I'm always eating at my desk, and as such as I have bits of beef jerky all over. I've been able to keep them limited to just a few scout ants, but a couple of times I've walked into this office to find a full blown ant trail leading to an empty juice bottle in the trash can.

The ants are mostly here because it's pretty hot and dry out here in the Inland Empire of Southern California, and they're on a quest to find water in my house.

So these Grant's Ant Stakes are awesome!

I laid one on my desk, and within 60 minutes I had a full blown ant trail leading up to it. They supposedly take the bait back to their nest, and share it with the queen. The very next day, that trail was gone, limited to just a few stragglers.

The day after that, I saw a smaller trail of ants leading to the stake. But now today, they're absolutely gone.

So there you go, get yourself some Grant's Ant Stakes.

Diet Log - September 9, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds, still no change.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

Had an interesting comment posted on my Junk Food Blog, regarding World Kitchens Beef Jerky...
I have been enjoying beef jerky for many years. I have tried all of the brands sold in the New York City-Tri-state area. I tried a pound pack of World Kitchen's teriyaki flavored jerky because it was being solf at the cheapest price I have ever seem for beef jerky. It was not too salty and very fresh and moist. Ir was so good, that I stocked up by purchasing 25 pounds of it!
I can't imagine anyone buying up 25 pounds of one brand of jerky. I mean, I like jerky, but I also like variety.

I really need to do a re-review of World Kitchens Beef Jerky. The one I wrote on Junk Food Blog was one of the first beef jerky reviews I wrote, and I didn't use the format that I've developed now. I gave it a poor rating. Because it seems to be a popular brand, I want to provide more complete analysis.

Diet Log - September 7, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds.

Still sitting at the same weight. Lack of exercise. But, any weight gains I've experienced I've been able to offset with beef jerky diet. Just goes to show how important exercise is if you want to lose weight.

Going to spend the day today with the wife, and do something. Will certainly eating, since that's what we usually do. But am thinking of maybe going to the San Diego Zoo, or Wild Animal Park. I'll get some walking in there.

Meanwhile, traffic is on the rise at my beef jerky review blog...

You can check the stats here...


In five months, I took it from zero visitors per month, to 2,000 visitors per month. I did that without spending any money buying traffic, or buying advertising. The bulk of this traffic comes from Google.

I notice that it's also now showing up within the first 100 listings on Google for "beef jerky". That's a tough search term to get ranked highly on. Google has it showing anywhere between 97 and 100. That's still largely insignificant. But considering my site didn't even show up in the first 300 listings, it's worth noting.

Spicy Beef Jerky Helps Burn Fat

Spicy Beef Jerky Lisa Lillien, who blogs Hungry Girl, writes about her nine fat burning food tips, and among them are two that might interest beef jerky eaters...
To put it simply, protein takes a lot of effort for the body to break down and digest. A lot more than, say, fat. So while your body is working hard to process that protein, you're burning calories.

You know how when you eat spicy foods, you sometimes start to sweat a little (ew)? That's because it's given a little kick to your heart rate. These little kicks will result in a temporary increase in your metabolism, which will help you burn fat a little easier for a bit.
While she mentions lean protein, she never mentioned beef jerky, which is extremely lean. She actually recommended fish for its omega-3 fatty acids. But then again, not many people are willing advocate beef as a health food.

Diet Log - September 1, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds.

I finished the month of August with a net loss of 3 pounds. In a way, I'm still losing weight on this diet regimen, but on the other hand, I missed my goal of losing 7 pounds for the month.

What's to blame is that I really backed off from exercising. I need to get back into doing walks, I'm just getting lazy about it.

Interestingly, I lost four pounds just yesterday alone. I can't figure out how I did it. I talked about this specifically on my motorcycle philosophy blog in an article this morning entitled, "Lose Weight Riding Motorcycles".

I noted that riding motorcycles burns calories, but I doubt it burns all that much. However, after riding all day long certainly will tire you out, but I think it's more of a mental exhaustion. Riding a motorcycle requires you to pay much more attention than driving a car.

I think what really happened is that on Saturday (the day before the ride), I had loaded up on a lot of fluids, mostly diet sodas, V8, and iced teas. So that when I woke up Sunday morning, I was 189 pounds. Being outside in the sun all that afternoon sucked all the moisture out of me. By the time I weighed in this morning, I was back to 185.

Though tomorrow morning, I could very well weigh in heavier because today the wife and I went out for lunch at a seafood buffet, and I had to get the most bang for my buck by loading up all the sushi I could find.

Diet Log - August 30, 2008

Weighed in this morning at 185 pounds, down one pound.

Stuck to the beef jerky diet yesterday.

Some good news, Serious Eats, a blog focusing on food, and one of the most widely read food blogs around, mentioned my beef jerky review blog yesterday. It sent some good traffic into it.